Tuesday, May 31, 2011


IMG_1933 A couple of people told Jim that there was some really good walleye fishing at Seminoe Reservoir. After church Sunday, we packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the girls and headed out to explore.

Seminoe State Park is about 40 miles from Rawlins, the last couple of miles on a dirt road.

IMG_1939 Wyoming has got to be the antelope capital of the world. They are everywhere out here. They are such beautiful animals and they really do behave themselves by staying off the road. Just in case, though, we did slow down when we say some close to the side of the road.

IMG_1940 The drive to the reservoir took awhile which is okay because the sun was shining and the scenery was wonderful.




IMG_1936 We checked out the campground on the south rim but there weren’t very many spots for larger rigs and they definitely weren’t level. We decided that we couldn’t bring our motorhome here. Then we decided to check out the north rim campground. Much better. We would definitely camp there.

IMG_1935 Seminoe Reservoir went on our list of places to return to.






Doesn’t this cloud make the mountain look like it’s erupting?



  1. So, the big question is: Did you catch any Walleye? :)

  2. Another beautiful place in God's world!

  3. Interesting cloud picture. I love the bird in flight.

  4. I would like that place too with all the wildlife.

  5. looks like a great place & I do remember seeing many antelope out there years ago when I traveled through Wyoming from Yellowstone. The key to many great scenic photos is.........great cloud patterns:))

  6. The mountain picture looks like a painting.

    Antelope are one of my favorite animals to make.

    I like their markings and the horns describe a sort of a heart.

  7. Semione Reservoir looks like it would be a definite place for us to come and see and stay a while. Love the antelope.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. It is always nice to use the toad to check out potential campgrounds. Sounds like you found a good one.

  9. Another beautiful spot to visit!


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