Friday, May 27, 2011


Yea – internet once again. So now I have to get caught up on my posts and everybody’s blogs. Jeri made me promise not to post more than two a day but I may have to do three or else I’ll still be way behind. Enjoy. It’s great to be back again.

IMG_1570 I’ve run out of words to describe how beautiful the land is surrounding Moab. Everywhere you turn, there are red sandstone canyons and rock formations that are just incredible.


IMG_1572 But I’m not sure we will return to this area. And this is why.





IMG_1573 This place is a mecca for Jeeps, ATV’s, motorcycles, and every other kind of noisy vehicle. And thousands of people along with all those noisy vehicles. Huge diesel trucks, toy haulers, trailers, bicycles and more people.

IMG_1582 This is not my idea of sightseeing or fun. I don’t mind sharing my life with some people and vehicles but this was completely overwhelming for me.



IMG_1584 Going to the grocery store was a chore; you couldn’t push a basket without crashing into someone. And I normally love going grocery shopping. I find it very relaxing to be surrounded by all that food. (Does that give you some idea of my inner workings?) We had to sit in line to get gas. Restaurants were jam-packed.  We only ate out once and happened to get there early enough not to have the crowds to deal with.

IMG_1597 And driving through Arches National Park – nerve wracking. The rock formations are gorgeous but there were so many people there, we couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere. Therefore, we couldn’t walk any of the short trails. And if we could have, there were so many people we couldn’t have gotten any pictures.

IMG_1601 So I took pictures from the truck and these are what you see here.





I am going to share with you some more pictures from Arches National Park in my next post. The last one here is of Balancing Rock. And just think – I haven’t even shown you any of the arches yet.IMG_1605


  1. The pictures look beautiful. We would love to see this area, but not liking the sound of how crowded it is and it isn't even summer yet. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. I've driven through Moab several times but during the middle of winter, and I stopped to take pictures along the way - this was when I traveled in a Jeep, not an RV. Whenever I hear that a place is a mecca for ATV's or snowmobiles I stay away. Unnatural noise in nature places is a crime in my book!

  3. Is there a better time? Summer is way to hot and winter would be chancy with cold and storms. Paul and Mary were saying the same things in their blog.

  4. People pollution comes in various forms of frustration & I think one of the worst & most annoying are young people with attitudes, alcohol, inconsiderations & noisy machines. Have been to the Arches a couple times & fortunately it was not too crowded. Of course for me just one other person on a trail constitutes a crowd. There are places we would like to see but if an area is infested with crowds of people we just keep right on going. The Moab area is beautiful but it's too bad about the inevitable people pollution.

  5. Paul and Mary are there too! jeep?..did you see them?.. :)..maybe September/October is a better time?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I agree with you and sometimes serenity works best.

  7. Super job with the pictures! So sorry you didn't have a better time. People can be so self-centered!

  8. The pictures are beautiful, reminds me how beautiful it is out there. Can't wait till we can get back to some traveling. Being stuck in IL for medical reasons iis really the pits!

  9. Memorial Day and Labor Day are impossible in Moab - and summer is way too hot! We really like going there mid-October or so. We've actually taken several hikes during that time of year when we didn't see anyone else!

    As for eating out, forget it unless you like to eat at really odd times. :)

    I don't care much for the town of Moab, but the beautiful surroundings are worth the trip (for us), if you can manage to go in early spring or late fall.


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