Monday, May 9, 2011


Just a few more pictures of the Petrified Forest.

DSCN0971 We camped at the gift shop near the south entrance into the park. You can dry camp for free or pay $10.75 a night for electric. It’s very quiet and peaceful with a million stars shining down on you. We had company both nights we were there and would definitely stay here again.

IMG_1013 When we headed towards New Mexico, we drove through the Park again. It is so nice to have that Golden Age Pass. Sure saves us a lot of money.



IMG_1012 The girls really wanted to take one more walk so we stopped at the Crystal Forest area. Jim can’t walk too far so the girls and I left him and walked a little further along the path. A little bit too far for Scooter because as soon as she got back to Dad she wanted up into his arms.

IMG_1016 I still can’t get over how beautiful this National Park is. If you haven’t been here, I really recommend you visit and see for yourself because my pictures truly don’t do it justice.


IMG_1017 IMG_1021

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