Friday, April 21, 2023

Ankle Update

We are getting our first almost 100 degree day in the next three days. Sure would be nice if Spring stayed around for awhile.

Last Saturday I ended up having surgery. Had an MRI which was definitely interesting. It will take 40 minutes and do not move. Sure was glad when that was done. After looking at the MRI the surgeon said the screws need to come out because they probably have infected the bone. Infected bones can cause you to lose a limb. 

I was on heavy duty antibiotics in an IV. The nurses had so much trouble getting an IV in. They all said I had tiny veins. After 7 failed attempts a guy came up with an ultrasound machine and was finally able to get it in. That lasted three days then slipped out of the vein. Several tries later we got the fourth one in and it stayed til I left the hospital.  

I had the surgery on Saturday afternoon. In order to get the screws out he had to cut the Achilles tendon in half. He cleaned out some pus and took tissue samples to send to the culture lab. The screws were sent to the pathology lab for testing. Wait for three days to get results. 

Got the results and very good news. No infection in the bone. Screws are out and I was in a splint til the swelling goes down. 

I was moved to Apache Junction Healthcare Center on April 4th. I have physical therapy twice a day trying to strengthen muscles that haven't been used in years so I can go home. 

I have a lovely green cast. It will come off on the 28th and a new cast will go on for another three weeks. These are totally non weight bearing casts. In other words they should not touch the ground.

No idea when I go home. I have five steps to get into the rv and haven't figured out how to get up them. My hopping ability is  extinct. 

Very few people left in the park. Most have left to head north for the summer.

Life can be complicated.