Sunday, May 15, 2011


IMG_1174 Oh that’s right. The kids are here. Honestly, we have spent time with them – just haven’t taken very many pictures because we’ve been too busy catching up. We’ve been out to dinner a couple of times and then they came over and spent Mother’s Day evening with us after Steve got off work.

We have really had a wonderful time. It’s hard to get together when work gets in the way.

IMG_1221One lunch we went to the Rte 66 Diner for a burger. As you can see, our daughter-in-law, Jennifer is a tiny little thing. When we walked into the diner, they asked her if she wanted the child’s menu with the color crayons. Thought we were going to die laughing. She is 40 years old and sometimes it just drives her crazy when she gets carded at the bars. 


A great time. One of the best benefits of this life style is getting to visit the kids and have our own home to go to.


  1. she is a 'cutie' that is for sure!! those old diners that serve the 50's style food!!

  2. Love that diner ! And so glad to see you back online again !!

  3. Some bars will card a 90 year old! Seems silly to me but I guess they feel by carding everyone no one is missed.

  4. Jennifer will be happy she looks so young when she gets a little older....


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