Friday, July 24, 2020

A Very Special Weekend

Canyon Ferry, MT    High 85  Low 56

Last weekend was my birthday and our son Todd joined us to help celebrate. (I keep trying to tell everybody I am not having any more of these birthday things but nobody seems to listen to me.) This KOA has cabins for rent and we were able to get one for Todd. Our little trailer definitely doesn't sleep three adults. Todd also wanted to do some fishing with his Dad.

Todd caught a couple of really nice walleye.

The weather was perfect for being out on the water.

We also put Todd to work. The hot desert sun destroys a lot of things and one of those was one of our vent covers.  So Todd climbed up on the roof and went to work. As with almost everything that needs to be done, the process doesn't always go smoothly. But Todd is definitely his father's son. Both he and Jim have the ability to analyze the situation and then determine a way to make it work.

Todd had to head back to Billings on Sunday and it was hard to say goodbye. But we will see him again in August.

My sister and her hubby drove out from Helena and bought us dinner at the Flamingo Grill. I forgot to get a picture but we had a great time visiting.

A truly wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Welcome Visit

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 86  Low 52

Covid-19 cases are growing by leaps and bounds here in Montana. The Governor finally issued a mask mandate inside businesses except for restaurants and bars. Not that anyone will pay any attention to it. But Jim and I are still isolating either in the RV or out on the boat. And we wear our masks when out in public.

We tried a Walmart grocery pick up for the first time. Once we figured out which app to download everything went pretty smoothly. We picked our time, got our things ordered, let them know when we arrived and they were out within five minutes putting our items in the truck. The only thing that went wrong was the two items that weren't in stock. With our Fry's app back in AJ, we get a notification before our pick up time that let's us know which items are not in stock. Well, with the Walmart app I got the notification about two hours after our pick up.  We will continue to use the app cause it keeps us out of the store.

On Sunday our son David and his wife Kelly arrived with their camper. Definitely a welcome visit. Kelly only had a couple of days off work and we're sure glad they wanted to spend this time with us.

David did some fishing with his Dad. They caught three keepers so Jim sent them home with the kids. We spent a lot of time visiting and catching up. We were missing their daughter Katie but she had to work. It's been four years since we had seen them. Sure hope it's not another four years before the next visit.

David and Kelly

David and Jim

David, Kelly and Jim

We had another beautiful sunrise while they were here.

We were also blessed to see this beautiful rainbow. Pictures just don't do it justice. The colors were so vivid and it lasted a really long time.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Bitter Sweet

Canyon Ferry, MT   High  81  Low 55

Whenever the weather cooperates Jim is out on the lake fishing. Well, except on week-ends when the locals take over. One day he caught a small walleye and this nice rainbow trout. We don't keep trout so he got to live another day.

Yesterday he had a great day of catching. These walleyes are now filleted and in my freezer.

This has been a lot of fun for Jim but it's also very lonely. He is really missing his fishing buddy, Rocky Joe.  Rocky's favorite place to be was wherever Jim was but he especially liked going on the boat.

Skittlez hates anything that moves so she won't be going out on the boat. She and I are happy at home.

My sister (Judy) had a birthday and we celebrated with her and her hubby. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday lunch and she chose Panda Express. That works for us. Jim and I used their drive thru (dine in is not open) and took everything up to their house. We sat outside to social distance and enjoyed our food. Judy made a salted nut roll desert and it was wonderful. I need that recipe.

Skitz loves going to Judy and Don's house because we turn her loose in the grass. Since she can't see she doesn't wander too far. In fact, I put some of her food down for her and she could have cared less. She just wanted her freedom. This from a dog who is totally food motivated.

Had a wonderful visit on the phone with a special classmate. Thanks for letting me ramble on and on Maggie.

These are the views from our campsite.

This is our view leaving the campground.

The view as we turn towards the campground and the lake.

Our campsite.

We have had storms go through almost every afternoon since we've been here but they haven't been severe. Mostly a whole lot of wind. These next two pictures are sunrises on two different mornings. Love the different colors of nature.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Scenery Pictures I Forgot to Include In My Last Post

Canyon Ferry, MT

Sometimes I wonder if my brain has totally quit functioning. After I posted my blog yesterday I discovered all these pictures that I hadn't downloaded that I wanted to post. So please enjoy the scenery as we made our way from Clark Canyon Reservoir to Canyon Ferry, MT.


Diana there is a whole lot of rusty stuff at Silver Spur, MT.

A stop to stretch our legs.

And no journey is complete without road construction.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Birthday America

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 78  Low 54

We left the Jerome County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, June 30. This camper had pulled in next to us the night before. I don't think even if I was a whole lot younger that I could "RV" like this.

We originally planned on staying Tuesday night at the rest area in Lima, MT but even though it is a really nice rest area, it is not level at all. I suggested we head up the road about 30 miles to Clark Canyon Reservoir. We are really glad we did because once again we had fantastic views.

A storm moved through with a whole lot of wind. Lots of white caps out on the lake.

Wednesday morning the wind was still blowing hard and we were happy we only had 140 miles to go to our destination. However, as soon as we got out of the canyon, the winds weren't bad at all. Lots of beautiful clouds keeping the weather cool for travel.

That is fresh snow up there on those mountain tops. As long as it stays up there I can enjoy how beautiful it is.

We are now situated in our spot at the KOA Canyon Ferry, MT.  I'll take some pictures and do a post on our spot. This is a fishing camp and this week-end it is full of RVs and boats of all kinds. We are having storms every afternoon which is pretty usual for summer.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July. We are staying home and away from crowds.