Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Another Tough Day

We picked up Rocky's ashes yesterday. He is now on our shelf with Scooter. Once again tears were shed. 

 Other than the trip to the vet's office, Jim and I have hunkered down. I know, some folks think I am overreacting, but I am taking social distancing extremely seriously. Jim is 80 years old. He has heart issues, he's diabetic, and he lost part of a lung to cancer. So we will not be visiting with anyone except on the phone. 

All activities have been cancelled here in our park. Some folks are thinking about heading home to family and their own doctors. Can't say I blame them. Our Canadian neighbors are not leaving til the middle of April. They checked with their insurance carrier and they will be covered. That's good news.

We stocked up on foods that we like  and other necessities before the panic hit the shelves so we are good for at least a month. Paula made a COSTCO run and picked up three big boxes of puppy pads for us. Skitz prefers to use them inside rather than go out into the big bad world. But I figure, if things get desperate she can share them with Jim and I.

We also used Fry's (Kroger's) pick up grocery shopping. You order online, they pick out your items for you, and then bring them out to your car for you. You don't need to go into the store which is a plus. But you do need to sanitize everything. We are still having problems remembering to do that but we're getting better.

We've recorded several movies and our favorite shows. I read and listen to books checked out from our library online. Jim has lots of projects that he will be working on. We will keep busy. Oh, and I need to work on our taxes. I know we got an extension but I want to get them done and over with. 

Our friends, Ray and Cindy, are hoarding M & M peanuts. Now that kind of hoarding I can understand.

I hope and pray all of you are taking good care of yourselves.

Friday, March 13, 2020


Gotcha 01-14-2017 to 03-11-20

Our hearts and lives are shattered.