Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is the second museum that we would highly recommend. Both Jim and I have ties to ole “Ma Bell” because his Dad worked as a lineman for AT&T and my Mom was a switchboard operator.

telephone museum You just cannot believe all the great old telephones they have been able to salvage and restore in this museum. Talk about taking a trip down memory lane. They have a wall of remembrance, taking you through time with the advances in technology from the old crank phones to Telestar.

We really had a great time on this tour. The couple who were volunteering while we were there were so excited to have visitors. I think they have many days when nobody comes in which is a shame. The cost was only $2 a piece and definitely worth more than that.

Jenn was fascinated by the telephone booth.IMG_1210

IMG_1211 IMG_1213


IMG_1218 IMG_1219


  1. We would be there too! We love those places too.

  2. Great pics as always guys !

  3. My Mom was also a switchboard operator. As a child, I had a toy switchboard with plugs you could pull out and plug into various spots. I never really understood it though so I'd love to see this museum.


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