Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love it when we arrive somewhere in the middle of nowhere and find some really neat treasures.

That would be Rawlins, WY. I needed someplace for us to be off the road during the Memorial Day week-end even though the traffic wasn’t going to be too bad. The weather was. The wind has been really howling since we’ve been here. So welcome to Windy Wyoming.

Once we arrived at RV World Campground and I had internet access again, I googled things to do in Rawlins. Didn’t look too promising but there was one thing that was recommended and that was the Old Federal Pen.

Then I checked Yelp for a restaurant. After traveling most of the day, I don’t want to cook so we usually go out to eat the first night we’re camped. 1880’s Coco’s came up as the place to go. So with the rain falling and wind blowing off we went to dinner.

IMG_1881 It was wonderful. Jim and I both had their 8 oz sirloin with steamed red potatoes and asparagus. We also had their soup and salad bar which was excellent. The clam chowder and the meatball soups really hit the spot with the cold weather. (We had to go back the next day to take a picture because I forgot to take one the night before.)

IMG_1882 And such a friendly town. Everybody in our part of the restaurant was visiting with each other and included us in their conversation along with a single gal that was driving from New York to CA for the summer. Talked to Jim about fishing, and offered to take the other gal out into the desert to see where the Oregon Trail and the Mormon pioneers had walked through this area. Waitresses were also joining in and offering suggestions. Definitely a small town treasure.

IMG_1879 I asked the waitress where the grocery store was and she gave me directions to a City Market. Then she proceeded to tell us about the Discount Grocery store. She said they handle lots of dented cans at good prices. But in the back of the store is a bakery and deli. Then somebody else chimed in and told us about the great cinnamon rolls that you could get at this bakery. Well, guess where we had to go the next morning. Driving by this place, if you didn’t know about it, you would not probably go in. The bakery/deli is run by Amish and the sticky buns were incredible. Another small town treasure.


  1. I was getting caught up on blogs and it is fun to read about these places. We hope to do some of these areas next year on our way to the NW. Will be fun to see all the places in Wyoming you go.

  2. There's nothing like driving through small towns and seeing all the interesting and unique features. It's one of the reasons we like driving on highways instead of the freeways which blast right by these little treasures.

  3. Wen your on a two week vacation you wizz thru these places and miss os much. As full timers it must be fun to discover the small treasures of small towns.

  4. Sounds like you hit the "jackpot" there. Bill and I both really enjoy those small towns...especially when the folks are so friendly and helpful. Enjoy your stay and I sure hope the wind calms for you soon.

  5. I read back and caught up on the last four posts. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. You have a great eye, Sandie. I think "Windy Wyoming" can transfer to "Windy Houston", "Windy OK City", etc. You get the picture! I know they explain on TV why it is so windy, but I still don't get it!
    This little town you are in now sounds lovely. We really enjoy talking with locals. They always seem to be so proud of their town.
    Great job! Keep writing about places that we want to visit...some day!

  6. Whenver possible we drive the "blue roads." That was how we found the International Clown Museum in Nebraska, and oh so many other wonders. Keep on those blue roads, friends!

  7. Really love those small towns also.


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