Sunday, May 22, 2011


IMG_1414 We all have those experiences that just need to be done, but once we’ve done them we don’t ever need to do them again.

That’s the Four Corners Monument for us. This is the only place where four states (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah) meet at a corner and you can actually stand in all four states at one time if you place your feet just so. The monument also marks the boundary between two native American governments, The Navajo Nation and the Ute Mountain Indian Reservation.

IMG_1415 The origins of the state boundaries marked by the monument occurred during the American Civil War, when Congress acted to form governments in the area to combat Confederate forces. Claims are sometimes made that the monument was misplaced in the initial surveys; however, the monument has been legally established as the corner of the four states.


IMG_1416 It really is out in the middle of no where. The disk in the ground is surrounded by tables filled with Native American jewelry and other crafts for sale.

Like I said: Been there, done that.


  1. I agree, you need to do it once, but that is enough for me too. :)

  2. some things you just have to do once!!

  3. Okay .. now you've been, there done that and on to the next item on your bucket list. What a relief to get these things behind us.

  4. I've been told about this place and hope to see it myself one day.

  5. We have a picture from there, too. Ours was taken many years ago and features our daughter because the last time we were there the place was closed for renovation. We stopped again because of that rumor suggesting they were moving the marker. Apparently they did not. Thanks for the update.


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