Thursday, May 19, 2011


IMG_1207 It has been really windy while we have been here in Albuquerque and this is what greeted us as we headed back to the RV park. The wind is supposed to die down on Thursday which is the day we want to leave town. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


We are now in Moab, UT and I have several posts to get caught up on. So please bear with me as I get my posts done and get caught up with everybody else’s blog. I have really missed my internet and sure am glad to be back in touch.


  1. I hope the wind STOPS HERE SOON! It is driving us CRAZY!
    We really enjoyed Window Rock! Great pictures.

  2. That looks awful. I hate winds like that.

  3. I drove through a wind storm just like that while travelling to Arizona. Can't remember where though - but I was sure glad to get off the road. SNOW storms I know - but wind storms was something new for me.

  4. LOVE your dog picture! They look so ready for an adventure.


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