Sunday, October 30, 2016

Settling In–Well Sort Of

AJ, AZ – It’s been hot. 100 a couple of days ago and setting all kinds of new records.

I had thought by now that we would be settled enough that I could catch up on blog reading because I am so far behind. But somehow we are busier than ever and my internet connection is so slow. I really think I need a new Wi-Fi.

happyWe went to visit Aunt Happy who is still amazing. She turned 103 last August. She had a great summer with no health issues except for a little arthritis in her hands. We talked about the election (she’s as fed up as we are with both candidates) and the fact that she had already voted. She is also very worried about the impact of the election on the stock market and what it will do to her money situation. Like she says, she never expected to live this long. She also had a pair of earrings that had broken. These are very inexpensive earrings which happen to be one of her favorite. Other people told her she should just throw them away, but she told them that Jim could fix them. If Jim couldn’t fix them and told her to throw them away, then she would. Well, Jim could fix them which made her so very happy. It was a wonderful visit.

Skittlez is glad to be home again.


We’ve been spending a lot of time being welcomed back to the park. Jim and I were talking about how much more of a community we live in here in AJ than we did in Billings when we were working. For us, this is a comfortable feeling. We can be as involved as we want to be and still know that if we need any help, there are always folks around.

Another first for us. We now have DirecTV. We have never had satellite TV before and we almost didn’t get it this time. Jim loves NASCAR and a lot of the races are not available on antenna TV. I finally decided we’d bite the bullet and get him NASCAR and a few channels for me.

But it sure didn’t happen without lots of problems. The salesman who took Jim’s order didn’t get it right at all. We wanted two receivers and two dishes so we can have satellite TV in the Bungalow also. The installer showed up on Thursday with only one set up. We thought he could at least do that one and then come back to do the Bungalow, but if he did that, they would charge us an installation fee for the Bungalow. The installer called back in to reschedule for us and told whoever what we wanted. Scheduled for Friday morning.

Friday morning two different guys show up. Took one look and told Jim that they cant install DirecTV in an RV. WHAT!!! Jim took them across the street and showed them two different fifth wheels with DirecTV. He didn’t want them touching our rig and sent them on their way. (These installers are independent contractors and don’t work for DirecTV or AT&T which now owns DirecTV.) Another call to DirecTV. After being transferred four times to different people (including being told to call Wyngard for who knows what reason), he hung up and called back. This time he asked to speak to a manager.


After a long discussion, they said they finally agreed that they would send out a senior technician Friday afternoon. This guy actually works for AT&T. And he knew what he was doing. Yahoo! After several hours we now have satellite TV. The challenge now is learning how to use the remote.

Mom, get rid of that flash please.


I want to express my sadness that our dear friend Joe passed away. Our love goes out to his wife Betty at this very sad time. We also have many loved ones fighting Cancer. Retired Rod is still undergoing chemo. Denise (Sassy) is recovering from her brain surgery. Paula (Shadowmoss) is starting her battle with breast Cancer. Our beloved niece, Patti, is going through Chemo for lung Cancer. We ask for prayers for all of them and for everyone else who is fighting the brave fight.

Friday, October 21, 2016

We’re Back

Apache Junction, AZ   High 96  Low 68

We left Las Vegas on Tuesday after spending an extra day because of the wind. We drove to Quartzsite to spend the night before heading into Apache Junction.

Quartzsite is still pretty empty but a few of the folks who spend the winter there are starting to arrive. I’m really not sure why anyone would want to spend the winter in Quartzsite, but each to their own. Some of the restaurants were not open and the vendors were few and far between.

One of my classmates from grade school through high school and her hubby just became full timers and this is their first winter in the southwest. They chose Quartzsite because of friends who are also there. This gave us a chance to have dinner with them and catch up on a lot of old memories.

Wanda and Dale


We went to the Yacht Club for dinner and it was really good. We will be seeing Wanda and Dale again next September in Billings for our 50th Class Reunion.

We left Quartzsite about 8:15 and other than the usual traffic on I-10, had an uneventful trip back to Apache Junction. We have spent the last two days moving stuff from the Bungalow into the fifth wheel.

But we got the Bungalow settled in her storage space and took a break from “work” to have dinner with Paula at Los Gringos Locos.

It’s good to be back.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV   High 90  Low 67  Windy

The storms that hit the PNW, sent their winds down to Las Vegas. It has really been moving the rig around but it is supposed to die down today and we will be heading out in the morning.

We are camped at the Road Runner RV Park on Boulder Highway. Definitely not anything to write home about but close to our friends. The park does not take reservations but we have not had a problem getting a site if we get here by 11:00. However, we have a small travel trailer. I’m sure the larger sites fill up quite rapidly. The rate is based on the length of your rig. We are 23 feet and our rate is $20.60 per night plus tax. The sites are close together and it is definitely not a park that we would stay in for any length of time. But for the short time we’re here, the price is right.

murrayEven with the wind, we’ve had a lot of fun since we’ve been here. We met up with our friend, Key. He got us tickets to see Murray the Celebrity Magician at Planet Hollywood. Great show, but the music was much too loud for my poor ears. It was a family oriented show and there were lots of children in the audience and they were as much fun to watch as Murray. Thanks Key. We really enjoyed the show.

The next night we went to dinner with Key at the Hash House A Go Go located down in the Linq area. Their menu is really interesting and we were warned ahead of time that the portions they serve are huge. Sure glad we knew that cause Jim and I split the chicken pot pie. Take a look at this serving.

hash house

Key had a hamburger with mashed potatoes.

hash house1

The Linq has been decorated for Halloween. Jim and Key made a new friend.


Another night we went duckpin bowling with Key. In an Airstream. This was a lot of fun. Jim grew up with duckpin bowling and I had heard about it.


bowling3The balls are much smaller than regular bowling balls and have no holes. The pins are also smaller and in this bowling alley they are attached with wires that set the pins. The rules are the same as bowling – strikes, spares, the foul line.

I bowled two games while the guys bowled three. We did okay and that’s all I’ll say about the scores.

The Airstream is located in the Silverton Casino back in the bar. If you are in Las Vegas, this is definitely a fun stop to make. It cost $3 per person per game.

Table and bench


Thought this map of the US was really neat. Each state was created by using one or two license plates from that state.

license map

We also found Jim a motorcycle at the Bass Pro Shops.

fish motorcycle

fish motorcycle2

We also were able to catch up with our friends Peter and Steve for a wonderful visit and lunch. Steve and I have been friends since 1968 and have a lot of good memories to share.


Friday, October 14, 2016

I Can See for Miles and Miles

Las Vegas, NV   High 88  Low 63

After saying goodbye to Boise and family, all we have done is head south. We stayed in McDermitt, NV, Winnemucca, NV, Hawthorne, NV, Beaty, NV and are finally in Las Vegas for a few nights.

road3Those of you who have driven Highway 95 through Nevada will relate to the title of this post. For me, this drive was a wonderful relief from all the trees. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to live out here in the middle of nowhere. But I love being able to see for many miles in all directions.

georgeThe only break we took from our drive was in Hawthorne. Our good friends, George and Sharon live in Walker Lake which is only a few miles from Hawthorne. We had plans to to take them out to dinner, but we found out that Sharon was in Nashville having a good time with her sisters. That meant we got to take George out to dinner and had a great visit with him.

A lonely cloud


Fun clock


Hopefully I’ll have a blog or two to post from Las Vegas but after leaving Las Vegas we will take two days to return to our home park in Apache Junction. I know I’ve overwhelmed you with blog posts while we traveled but you’ll be getting a break because we will be doing the normal routines of life. If anything fun or exciting happens, I will post a blog; but I’m kind of looking forward to not being on the go so much.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Capitol Punishment–Part 2

Boise, ID

My last post covered the Capitol, and this post will cover the Punishment. This is our final tour in Boise.

Old Idaho State Penitentiary

This site was a functional prison from 1872 to 1973. Very interesting and very depressing as all prisons are.







Notice what this young man’s crime was.


This was a self guided tour and we were disappointed to find out that the J. Curtis Earl Memorial Exhibit of Arms was closed because they did not have enough volunteers.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Capitol Punishment–Part 1

Boise, ID   High 58  Low  44

There is so much to see and do in the Boise area and we barely put a dent in my list even though we were on the go all the time. There were three more places we just had to visit.

canday coThe first one was a quick stop at the Idaho Candy Company. They have been in business since 1901. They have the best chocolate peanut clusters I’ve ever had. They don’t use a lot of chocolate which is what I like about them. We also had to pick up some peanut brittle for Jim. Good stuff.

Parking in downtown Boise is at a premium but I’m married to a man who can always find a parking space really close to wherever we need to be. We had lunch at Andie’s Deli and Jim parked directly across the street from the deli. At the candy company he also found a spot directly across the street. After all these years it still continues to amaze me.

Sure enough at our next stop he parked right by the entrance. Welcome to Idaho’s State Capitol Building which was built in 1905.


The great seal of Idaho. This is the only state seal designed by a woman.


The Senate and House hearing rooms are located in the wings of the building. They have kept the original basement vault doors from the record storage rooms.


The dome in the Rotunda



This was a private elevator which transported judges to the Supreme Court Chambers.


Senate Chambers


Can you see Jim?



Two statues flank the entrance to Statuary Hall. The George Washington Statue was carved from a single piece of pine.


DSCN2900The second statue is a replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace. Idaho received this replica from the Merci Train which was sent to the United States by the people of France in 1949 to express their appreciation for the food, medicine, fuel and clothing Americans sent to France following WWII.


Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I found this very interesting.


We really enjoy touring the Capitol Buildings and Idaho’s is a beautiful and interesting building. This post is long enough, so we’ll continue with the next one.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Family Time

Emmett, ID   High 60   Low 43

We were able to spend a couple of nights visiting with my nephew Wade and his family which was so much fun.

From the left – Katie (doing student teaching), Nikki (the Mom), Karissa (12), Karlye (16), and Wade. Kody was missing as he was at college.


wade11Wade is my sister’s oldest child and is the principal at Emmett High School.

He gave us a tour of his town and the surrounding area. It really is a very pretty place and far enough away from Boise to not be part of the big city but close enough for good shopping and medical.

He also gave us a tour of his very unique high school. The first monolithic dome school building. I took this picture from their website.


And this one is an aerial view. Absolutely no windows.


The auto repair section.


The music room


The center of the dome


The gym


Wade’s office with Karissa

wade8 We are looking forward to coming back to this area for more visits.