Monday, May 2, 2011


We had to make one more visit to the Skies to see Diana and Phil and listen to Brant and Kelly. We will definitely miss these Wednesday nights until we get back next Fall.

IMG_0818 Thanks to Diana’s blog I learned a whole lot about the Skies Bar and Grill. It was built in the early 50’s as a bordello. Then it became a bar and restaurant with a swimming pool. The swimming pool was eventually filled in and is now the dining room.

Quoting from their menu - “It has been written that Superstition Skies Restaurant and Bar stands as a ‘testament to the romantic history of Apache Junction,’ back when ladies of the evening, cowboys, and movie stars were a common sight here.”

IMG_0825 The murals in the back room were all painted by Burnette Pletan. He is known as one of the world’s fastest painters.  He painted this entire room in one day using a regular house paintbrush. Just incredible the talent involved.


When Apacheland was filming movies like “Charro” and “Death Valley Days”, many movies stars ate at the Skies. Ronald Reagan, Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Elvis. Elvis especially liked coming to the Skies for dinner and always sat in his favorite booth. This booth has been maintained in its original state and sits in a back room off the dining area.

I have now been in Studio A in Nashville where Elvis did a lot of recording, I sat at the piano he used there, and I’ve now sat in the same booth he sat in for dinner in Arizona. How fun is that.

We definitely love this place and it will be a regular hang out spot for us whenever we are in AJ.


  1. I agree. We liked that place very much also!!

  2. Looks like a great place. Hope we can go there sometime! Travel safely when you head north.

  3. How neat!!! Glad you were able to add to your list of "done this." I am going to put this on our "to see" list and hopefully one day we can go there. Thanks!
    Travel safely!!

  4. Oh my goodness. I have used that very pan and had something similar happen to me.
    This is the third time we wrote down Skies on our list of "must visit" places. I love the pictures. It looks like it will be so much fun. Maybe next winter we will head that way.

  5. Neat place. I'd never heard of this place but now it's just one more to add to my list.

  6. We will be back in the area this winter and have put this place on our list. We also need to get together with you guys sometime during our stay there or on the road sometime.

  7. It was great to see you guys again, but we missed you yesterday. Have a great trip!


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