Monday, May 22, 2023

I'm Home

Apache Junction. High  92.  Low  56

My first cast - green.

Second cast - red (the black thing on my cast is a shoe to make it easier for me to walk on it when they finally allow me to put weight on it).

I spent 30 days in physical therapy rehab.  I cannot say enough good things about the physical therapists I worked with at the Apache Junction Healthcare Center. In fact, almost everyone there took really good care of me. From the nurses, to the activities people, to the food service people (food was just okay), to the cleaning person, they were all cheerful and accommodating even though they are understaffed like everyone seems to be these days. 

My room looked out at the torture (PT) area and the steps just taunted me because I had to learn to conquer them on one foot.

My friend, Tacey, brought me this chain to count down the days til I can get out of this cast and taste freedom again.  It looked like this to begin with.

 This is what it looks like now.


This was the sign I've been waiting for.

 After  my month at rehab, I had to face my biggest fear about going home. THE STEPS. There was no way I could "hop" up the steps on one foot. I called several medical transport companies and they wanted over $300 to get me up those five steps. $300 is a lot of incentive to figure out another way and my physical therapists came up with a fantastic idea. Use a shower bench. If you're interested, you can go to Youtube and watch videos on how to do it. (Most of them show younger, much more physically fit individuals doing it.)

My first attempt was a complete failure. I did not have the strength in my arms or right leg to pull myself up from the bench. The PTs started working with me to develop that strength.  Two weeks later I was ready to try again and I succeeded. I still had another week to practice and each time I was able to do it with less help. 


 However, I needed someone to move the bench for me at my house so Paul came to the rehab center and they showed him what he needed to do with the shower bench and how to support me if I needed it.  

 Time for me to get out of there and I was so ready to go sit in my recliner. Carol drove my car up to get me and Paul met us at the trailer. My neighbors, Mike and Patty, were also there to offer  help. Success!!! I am in my recliner.

I still could not put any weight on my cast so I had to hop wherever I needed to go. I truly am a failure at hopping. However, I only fell once. In the bathroom. I had my phone with me (always with me) and called 911. They have the nicest guys who came to my aid and got me back on my foot.  Rather embarrassing but life happens.

After that I called the doctor's office to see when I could put some weight on this cast. They checked to see how long it had been since surgery and determined that I could start putting some weight on it as long as it didn't hurt and I didn't overdue it. What a difference that made in my life. No more falls. 

Home Health came to visit and asked me about 500 questions. Took my vitals which are almost always great. Said she'd be back once a week for awhile to see how I'm doing. Then the PT guy showed up. He saw how good I was doing so he changed his plans and showed me some exercises that would help me transition back to being able to use my left leg and ankle again. He has discharged me but I continue to do the exercises along with the workouts I had at the rehab. 

The cast comes off this Thursday - May 25th. I will get a walking boot but I hope it isn't going to be a necessity for too long. I really feel good which makes me very impatient to get this thing off my leg.

The people in my world have been so amazing. Ginny, of course, did my bidding from my hospital room to the rehab center until she had to leave to go to Maine for the summer. She handed over the chore of watching over me to Carol and Paul. They have been amazing. Carol does all my running around for groceries and picking up prescriptions and taking my garbage out. Paul always brings lunch when he comes to visit. And I always have a list of chores for him. Tacey has been doing my laundry for me. And I know that if I need anything, anybody who is left in the park would do it for me. 

Paul putting a screw in my heat vent cover.

This really has been a humbling experience for me because I'm pretty independent and bullheaded. I was forced into accepting help which really makes you realize how many wonderful people are in your life. I couldn't have gone home without them. I am eternally grateful for their love and compassion.

Gotta have a couple of pictures of my gorgeous daughter-in-law with my precious grandson along with her first Mother's Day flowers. I think my son is totally smitten with his son. Sure do love and miss these three.