Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It’s amazing the wonderful places you find when you really don’t know what you’re looking for.

We made arrangements to go to dinner with Nancy and Dave (who just happened to be parked in the same campground with us) on Friday night.

We figured maybe Chinese food would be good and had the address of a place that got good reviews on Yelp. Picked up Nancy and Dave and headed out. After about an hour, with all of us using our smartphones, we still hadn’t found the restaurant. Enough is enough. I pull up Yelp and start reading off the names of places.

IMG_1146 Nancy and Dave both jumped on the Zinc Wine Bar name. (I think the wine in the name is what cinched the deal.) We didn’t realize it was quite so far away but we’re retired. Found this restaurant, not without some searching.

Knew as soon as we entered that we were going to have a fantastic meal. Nancy decided to try out a couple of appetizers – duck egg rolls, the soup of the day, and an artichoke heart. Dave had trout that looked marvelous.

IMG_1145 Jim and I both had flank steak covered with onions and mushrooms and served with buttermilk mashed potatoes.

The meal was wonderful and the company even better.


IMG_1149 Then Dave and Nancy decided on dessert. Jim and I both passed on dessert. But take a look at this luscious pie. Just wish I had thought to move the water glasses before Jim took the picture.


I am so glad we didn’t find that Chinese restaurant.


  1. That food sounds better than Chinese. What kind of pie is that? Makes me hungry.

  2. oh...looks like so much fun! Tell Dave and Nancy hi from us if you see them again.
    We try to find a place for Lee to have his coffee and pie every afternoon. A fun tradition, but not so good on the ole hips!

  3. nice looking dinner..once again we can dream that there was such a thing as 'smell a blog'!!..have a great day!

  4. I sure wouldn't have passed up on that pie!! The flank steak dinner looked terrific!

  5. I gotta ask. What was the name of the Chinese restaurant you were looking for? We live in the Albuq. area. The Zinc Wine Bar and Bistro is excellant though.

    Enjoy our great state,
    Debbie Potter

  6. Blogger is up!! Stop eating so much good food. We'll be jealous.


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