Saturday, May 28, 2011


We stayed at Portal RV Park while we were in Moab and I must say, this is one of the strangest campgrounds we have ever been in.

There is a North side and a South side. The South side is where the premium sites are. These sites have huge concrete slabs and are landscaped very nicely. These are also the sites that can be owned for $99,000 (at least that’s the price I read about somewhere) a site. There is a pool and a spa, game room, etc.

IMG_1785 Then there is the North side. That’s where we stayed. The sites are gravel, pretty narrow, a little bit of grass. But it worked great for us. Close to the laundry and dog walk. Oh – you know that pool and spa in the South side? We weren’t allowed to use them. That’s right – we couldn’t use them. Not that I wanted to but I still thought that was very weird.

IMG_1696 The main reason we picked this park to stay in was because our friends Paul and Mary were staying there. (They are known as Boris and Natasha on the Escapees forum.) They had a premium site in the South side.

IMG_1697 They invited us down for happy hour to meet their friends, Sandy and John, and Susan and Mike. We had a wonderful time visiting for several hours. It was so much fun catching up with them. It’s been a little more than a year since we first met them in Sedona. And meeting new friends is so great. The weather cooperated. No rain and it was warm. Fantastic time.

IMG_1789 But – there always has to be a but. It felt like they were parked at a truck stop.




IMG_1787 On both sides of them were these mammoth diesel trucks with trailers filled with ATV’s and hot rods, and both sites made you think you were at a Jeep dealership.




IMG_1786 It was so loud and noisy, there were a few times we couldn’t even hear each other. Now the rules state that there are to be only two vehicles per site – not sure who those rules apply to besides Paul and Mary though.

Sorry guys – I wouldn’t trade my poor side of the fence for your premium spot. It was much quieter down our way. But if we were ever to return here, we would not stay at this park. There are many places to boondock but those, too, were filled with toy haulers and jeeps and ATVs.


  1. I must remember this! I am not a fan of off road vehicles or truck noise. I doubt we will ever get there, but if we do I hope we will remember this is not a good place.

  2. I'm with you. I hate all the noise and commotion of ATVs!

  3. I'll take the "poor" side of the tracks anyday if it is quieter! Give me a little grass and lots of quiet and I'm happy!!

  4. I'm with you too. If rules aren't enforced, the park goes downhill fast. I would think others would start complaining but maybe they've figured out it didn't do any good.

  5. I didn't know you knew Paul and Mary!!..we met them a couple of years ago when they first began their rving adventure!..wonderful people!!
    as for Portal RV Park..not so wonderful where they are parked!..I am with you..rather have the less than premium site and peace and quiet!!


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