Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rocky Joe–One Year Later

AJ, AZ   High 75  Low  48

2018 has started out very quietly at our house. We’ve been enjoying our home and not really doing very much of anything.

20171119_125549(2)It’s hard to believe that Rocky has been a part of our lives for a year already. It’s amazing what food, good vet care and especially love can do. He is definitely Jim’s velcro dog. He won’t let anybody lift him except Jim, and that includes me. He will sit on my lap if Jim’s isn’t available, but I let him jump up by himself.

He has a bad heart murmur and is on medication for that. Scooter died because of a heart murmur so we know what to expect as time goes on. We just hope he can be with for a few more years. He will be fourteen in February. The pain medication we have him on has made all the difference in the world with his arthritis.


He still invades Skittlez space but she enjoys being snuggled up next to him. If Jim is home this doesn’t happen very often because Rock is always in Jim’s lap or following him from room to room.

We have gone to lunch a couple of times – once with Paula and another time with Toni and Doug.

We also made a one day trip down to Mexico for some work to be done on my crown. Made for a rather long day but my mouth appreciates it.

My internet connection is non-existent during the day so if I want to be on-line, I have to get up early in the morning. I read blogs during the short time I have but I haven’t been commenting. I did find out that I am not the only one here in the park that has problems with Verizon’s connection. We must be on the very edge of their service area.

That’s really all the news from our house.