Thursday, May 24, 2018

Getting Ready to Go

AJ, AZ – Actually the weather has really been cooperating. It’s been in the 90s for most of this month with the nights in the 60s which makes for good sleeping. However – starting later this week, we’re headed to the triple digits again. Definitely time to leave.

Jim had his second eye done and this eye healed even faster than the first one did. He is really glad he had the cataracts removed. His far vision is great and even though he may need a prescription for reading glasses, he is doing just fine with the ones from the dollar store. That means that I have set the date for our departure from the valley as June 3. His final eye appointment is May 31.

20180508_105659We said our goodbyes to Aunt Happy. She will be 105 in August and her doctor is amazed at how healthy she is. Her hearing is terrible but we’re still able to talk to her. She is now the oldest resident in her Senior Living complex.

UPDATE: I got a call from the hospital that Aunt Happy had become very dehydrated and they admitted her. They also found she had a blood clot in her lung. After talking with the nurse this morning (Happy is the oldest patient she has ever taken care of in over 20 years of nursing), she is on a heparin drip and responding well. 

One of the best things about being here in AJ so late in the season is the fact that everyone is gone. You can find a place to park at Walmart and there are no lines at the restaurants. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on our 32nd anniversary. We’ve also been out to dinner with friends a couple of times. No crowds. Love it.

Seems so strange to see him without glasses.


Can you see the cougar in the picture below? This is a picture of the Superstition Mountains taken when we were coming home from Church on Brown Road. Seeing the shadow only happens a few times a year. There have been other pictures of this on FB that are much better than mine. Just Google Superstition Mountains Shadow


Jim and Rocky took the boat out for one last fishing trip. The boat is now tucked away for the summer. Jim’s list is all ticked off except for the things that have to be done at the last minute.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Up on the Roof

AJ, AZ – Yesterday was beautiful – only 72 but the temps are headed up and up and up and the weatherperson says 107 on Sunday. I’m really not ready for that but here it comes.

Can you tell that Jim’s week of restrictions is over with? At least til next week.


20180503_104303We ordered some fan vent covers and Jim was anxious to get them installed. So up he went with assistance from Ginny in getting his tools down again. I stood watching – ready to dial 911.

Of course, nothing goes quite as planned so he had to go back up and adjust one of the covers so the fan would close completely.

Being up on the roof doesn’t bother Jim but I get really nervous when he’s up there.

According to Jim the roof was really really dirty so early the next morning (because the heat is coming) he hauled the hose up and washed it down along with the rest of the rig.

Not a cloud in the sky.


Hopefully we can now put the ladder away and stay off the roof.

We took a break from all the work and went to the Rockin’ R Ranch in Mesa. It’s a western town set with a chuckwagon dinner and show.

The entrance to the ranch.


The Ponderosa Saloon


Jim bellying up to the bar for an Italian Soda.


It is the end of the season for them so most of the buildings were closed and the performers were down to just a few. In fact, there were only 14 of us attending the dinner and show.



During the height of the season they can probably feed 500 people in a very short period of time. The food was good. We had a combo ticket which meant we got both chicken and beef along with a huge baked potato, applesauce, cowboy beans, biscuit, and a crumb cake dessert. And since there were so few of us it was all you could eat. Several people went back for seconds.

After eating they put on a show with a lot of country music and some corny comedy. The two female singers are mother and daughter and own the Ranch. The fiddle player performs with the Phoenix Symphony and was really really good.


One of the most touching moments happened when the mother brought her youngest daughter up on stage to perform. She has Down Syndrome but man could she twirl that rope. Jim got a video that he posted on facebook but I don’t have a picture of her. She was also the Homecoming Queen for her high school. Just a really sweet and friendly young lady.

There was a gun fight in the streets after the show but we didn’t stick around for that. There are a few animals – a couple of pigs, a bunch of birds, a pony, and some goats.

It was an enjoyable evening but I was happy we had a groupon which meant we only paid half price. If we didn’t have the groupon, the cost would have been $80. We felt it was worth the $20 per person we spent. The place looks quite rundown and could really use some TLC.