Saturday, April 17, 2021



March 30, 2004 to April 16, 2021

No words can express the depth of our heartache.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

March - Leprechauns, Pots of Gold and Twins

 AJ, AZ   Highs in the 90s and lows in the 50s


The dove eggs hatched and we have two little ones. Our twins that we've named Mike and Ike. Have no idea how to tell male or female. Can't even figure it out with Mom and Dad. We are having so much fun watching the developments in the nest.

Jim got too close taking this picture and Mama fluffed right up warning him to stay away.

The other little one is underneath Mom or Dad.

The Twins - Mike and Ike


 It doesn't take long for Mom and Dad to throw them out of the nest. As soon as they are able to eat by themselves, it is time for them to move on. Out of the nest.


The little ones did stay around for a couple of days but not in the nest. We would see the on the ground quite often and then they were gone.

I got these eggs for Jim since they seemed so appropriate.

March 1 - I got my second covid shot. The nurse who gave me the shot needs to go back to shot school. It hurt when she put the shot in, the injection site bled, and I ended up with a bruise. Other than that the arm was sore but not bad. However, Monday night I had the mother of all headaches. I have migraines and this was definitely not a migraine. A totally different type of headache where I felt like my head was going to explode. Tylenol helped and by Tuesday night the headache was gone. Really glad that both of us have now had our two shots.

For the first time in forever and ever we had some company. Jeri and Terry stopped by after they got their second shot. We sat outside socially distanced and had a wonderful visit. Felt almost normal. 

March 11 was a sad day. One year ago Rocky Joe crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge and left our broken hearts behind. We miss him.


St. Patrick's Day was spent like most our days. But we did decorate a little bit out front.

March 30 - This was a big day for us. Skittlez celebrated her 17th birthday. We have had her since she was two months old. She's always been a strange little dog so she fits into our family quite well. She does have several health issues and we aren't sure how much longer she will be with us so we treasure every moment we have. She got to share some ice cream with Dad but no cake.

Spring has arrived here in the valley and it feels like summer. Our temperatures have been hovering close to 100. April could be a very warm month.