Friday, January 31, 2014

Bridge to No Where and Corvettes

Yuma, AZ  High 81  Low 53


This 798-foot-long suspension bridge was originally built in 1929 as a way for travelers on the Yuma to Quartzsite road to cross the Gila River. After 39 years of service it was no longer able to carry the increasing weight and size of modern traffic. A new bridge was built in 1968. The new bridge was destroyed in 1993 by a flood but the old bridge survived just fine. It’s actually named McPhaul Bridge in honor of Henry Harrison McPhaul, “the only Yuma resident who ever became an Arizona Ranger.”

To get up to the bridge you have to climb down and around. So off Jim went. Then we discovered that the other side was much easier to use.


Today the bridge crosses only desert sand and rocks but still looks to be in good shape, probably because of the dry desert air.


To get to the bridge you turn in at the Farm to Food produce stand. They have a gift shop but one of these items wasn’t for sale.


We decided to have lunch here. I had a couple of Yuma tacos which is ground beef and cabbage. Jim had a quesadilla and we both really liked our choices. You order inside and the food is then fixed on the grill on the patio.


This is a picture of some of the farm’s fields being picked.


While we were eating, three of these cars pulled in. The drivers got out and I, of course, had to ask. They are new prototypes that are being test driven. Jim knew they were Corvettes as soon as they drove up. Now that would be a nice job to have.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comment Answers and A History Lesson

Yuma, AZ  High 82   Low 53

P1070765Nan wanted to know who Kokopelli is. Like Rick said, he can be dangerous to have around because he is a fertility deity. (I don’t really think I need to worry about it too much. But let me tell you, the money we could make.) Kokopelli is a Hopi word showing him as a humpbacked flute player who is a symbol of fertility, music, dance and mischief. The first known images of him appear on Hohokam pottery dated to sometime between 750 and 850 AD.

Donna asked about the beans in the grocery store picture. The majority of the packages were beans but there was also some pasta and rice. A lot of them I had never heard of before.


To get to the border you have to cross the American Canal which is an 80 mile long aqueduct. It diverts water from the Colorado River into the Imperial Valley and is it’s only water source. It is the largest irrigation canal in the world. It runs parallel to the Meixco/California border and has been called “the most dangerous body of water in the U.S. because over 500 people have drowned in the canal since 1997.

I really enjoy reading historical markers and learning more about what happened at that spot. This marker is at the Canal.


Hernando de Alarcon was a Spanish explorer in the Southwest in 1540. He was commander of a fleet that was supposed to meet up with the land expedition of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado. He sailed up the Gulf of California and proved that Lower California was a peninsula, not an island and he also discovered the Colorado River. He was the first non-Indian to sight Alta California and was well liked by the Indians because he treated them with respect.

It just amazes me that I stood at the point where this man explored almost 500 years ago.

Then I began to wonder why Pilot Knob was named as such and did anything happen here. I discovered that Pilot Knob is actually the peak that makes my sunrises so beautiful. It’s 876 feet high and Doug climbed to the top. It was named for its prominence as a landmark for riverboat traffic on the Colorado River.

pilot knobThere is also an historical marker about Camp Pilot Knob. The camp was established in 1943 by General Patton to prepare American troops for battle during WWII. The only structures erected were temporary latrines and wood frame tents. There is nothing left of the camp.

There is always something I can learn no matter where we are.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over the Border

Yuma, AZ  High 81  Low 53

Wanted to share a few more pictures of Algodones. Toni and Doug went with us on this trip over the border.


Toni negotiating over the price of a burro.


Sorry Toni – I really do take terrible pictures.


I use this colorful building as one of my landmarks to find the dentist. Turn left when you get to this intersection and her office is just down the street on the left.


I wanted to visit one of the grocery stores even though I really didn’t know what a lot of the food was. However, some I did recognize.





P1070707We went to the Plaza to have lunch. On the way, Jim decided he wanted another pair of glasses. We stopped in a few optical stores and he finally found the frames he liked. They are the flex frames that bend so they aren’t so easily broken. He got trifocals (not progressive) for $140.

Jim was the only one who really liked his food. The rest was just okay.


Toni bit into something really spicy and it brought tears to her eyes.


While we were having lunch I looked up and Dave and Susie were just sitting down at a table behind us. These are the folks that went to lunch with us in Parker and I forgot to get their picture. You just never know who you’re going to run into over the border.


Jim and Toni


The line to return to the USA was long but moved very rapidly.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Algodones, Mexico

Yuma, AZ  High 81  Low 52

Thursday night we went to the Quartzsite Yacht Club (yes they have a Yacht Club in the middle of the desert and Jim is a member) for karaoke. One our group, Ed, is a fantastic singer and loves to perform. Only problem was, there were so many folks there who wanted to sing that Ed only got to perform one song. (Jeri’s picture turned out much better than mine so I used hers.)


Friday we went back down to Yuma and are parked next to Toni and Doug at Pilot Knob once again.

We went back to Algodones so I could have a little more work done on my bridge. That didn’t take too long so we were able to spend some time wandering through the town.

I wanted to show you some of the pictures I took in Algodones just to give you an idea of what the town looks like. It definitely exists because of tourists.

These are the restrooms that are the first place you come to when you cross the border.


Casa del Sol – this is typical of the stores and what they are selling.


One of the things you have got to know, is that you do not pay the price they ask for. I have never been one to negotiate on a price but you are crazy not to down here. We bought a Kokopelli that started at $70 and we paid $35 which was probably too much but I love it.

Their electrical standards don’t quite meet US code.


The main streets of the town are filled with vendors all hawking their wares. You will soon get tired of saying “no thank you” and find yourself just not responding to them.

This is the view as you first enter Algodones after crossing the border. That’s the Purple Pharmacy on the left which is one of the best known of all the pharmacies.


More vendors.




Shoe shine anyone?


I am going to do another post on our visit south of the border because this one is already too long.

A Celebration of Lee

Quartzsite, AZ  High 77  Low 48

We moved down to La Posa South and got set up by the Escapees Class-less Class group. Was lots of fun catching up with friends we haven’t seen in years and meeting new friends.

Wednesday was the big party. We were there to celebrate our good friend Lee, also known as IYQ. Lee has been an RVer for over 30 years and knows more about RVs and everything associated with them than most of us will ever know.

Lee's Party5

Carol composed this wonderful proclamation for Lee and we all signed it for him. I think he really enjoyed his party.

Lee's Party2

We had 36 or 37 folks show up and we put on a spaghetti feed. Enough food to feed everybody several times over.



After the celebration, we had a class-less class picture taken. Somebody said that getting us all arranged was like herding cats but I think cats would have been easier. Denise took these pictures so I just “borrowed” from her.

Lee's Party1

Lee's Party7

We are so blessed to have a professional photographer in our group. Carol Ann Dwyer is amazing. The above two pictures are us as we sit and wait for that perfect moment.

This is Denise providing us shade while we wait. We met Denise and Bennie our second year of full timing and have become the best of friends.


Then Carol says it’s time and takes about a zillion pictures. This is the final product and it is fantastic.


Thank you Carol.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Elusive Bird and Good Memories

Quartzsite, AZ  High 72  Low 48

Hard to tell, but this is a Roadrunner. Only the second one we have ever seen. He was just too far away for my camera and there were cars behind us honking for us to get out of the way.


This is the picture the guy with the drone took of our Montana Circle. I never did find out why those rigs parked off by themselves over to the left instead of in the circle. But they were all part of the group. Our rig is the fifth one going clockwise from the opening on the right.

Montana circle

This balloon took off just behind where we were parked. Lots of fun to watch him. Always seemed to be somebody or something flying around over head.


And always traffic. Going to the big tent. Thank goodness, most of the time we were going in the opposite direction.



The girls have been relaxing and enjoying themselves in the desert. Scooter has found a few lizards to chase and Skittlez sits at the door and watches the world go by. I love this pic of Scooter but it makes her look so fat and she really isn’t.


Last Tuesday we moved down the road to La Posa South to join the Escapees group for a couple of days. More fun times.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Friends, Good Times

Quartzsite, AZ  High 70  Low 46

We spent some time visiting with folks. A lot of these people we only get to see once a year in Quartzsite.

BarbaraWith some it’s not for a lack of trying during the year. Last year we were going to meet up with Barbara and Katie in New Mexico but the fires over there ruined those plans. This year we were able to find her in Quartzsite. Had us a great visit and got some love from Katie.

Barbara’s blog was chosen by Florida Outdoors as one of the top 50 RV blogs so if you haven’t checked it out, you really need to do so.

After leaving Barbara’s house we headed down to La Posa South to check in with the Escapees Classless Class that was gathering.

When we arrived the guys were all trying to help Mary Jane with a bent bumper on her RV.

mary jane3

Looks like Jerry has a pretty good handle on things with some help from Terry.

mary jane1

Mary Jane is taking pictures and trying not to worry about her home.

Mary Jane

Back to the Montana group for another happy hour and visiting. If my internet was working I would have tracked down a few other folks. But I’m hoping we get to see them on the road or here in Q again next year.