Monday, October 23, 2017

Ray and I Ran Away to Mexico

Yuma, AZ  High 100  Low 83

We only got to spend a couple of nights in our Cottage (that’s our new travel trailer) before we had to head out again. We did get most of the stuff moved from the Bungalow to the Cottage, leaving only the necessities that we would need for a few days in Yuma.

I needed a new crown because I had broken the old one. Our good friends, Ray and Cindy, invited us to stay in their driveway and we are so grateful to them. They own a home in a really nice resort in Yuma and had a 50/30 amp post put in.

We headed out Tuesday morning and got set up in their drive way. I was going back to San Luis de Coronado, Mexico to see Dr. Bernal about the crown. He did my bridge back in January and I was very pleased with his work. Ray also needed a bridge and wanted to give Dr. Bernal a try. Worked out perfectly because Ray was willing to drive us to Mexico and that way Jim could stay home and dog sit with the “barker”.

Wednesday morning we got to his office about 9:00 and he had someone in his chair. As soon as she was finished he took me back, did some grinding on my poor tooth, and made my mold. Took no more than 10 minutes. Ray was in there probably 15 minutes and we were ready to go. Everything would be ready Thursday morning after 11:00.

We walked down to the pharmacy and picked up some medicine that we needed and then crossed back across the border. No lines at all.

Thursday Ray and I went back across the border, got our crown and bridge glued in, and we were done. My crown fit almost perfectly with no need for any additional adjustments and cost me $130.00. Ray is still getting used to his bridge.

We went out to dinner with Ray and Cindy at Chicken on the Run and had some of their really great chicken. Then Thursday night they fixed dinner for us. Thanks again guys. It was so good to see you again.

Friday, Jim and I were home by noon. Feels so good.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Pretty Balloons and My Thoughts

The mornings were definitely cold but according to the people reporting from the launch field, the conditions were perfect for launching the balloons. Tuesday was the best day for us because the balloons passed right over us.

They are huge and loud. Buck (Jeri and Terry’s bulldog) hated them. I felt really bad for him because he just shook and hid if he saw any of them. Our pups could have cared less.



These are the balloons that offer the balloon rides to the public. We didn’t price the rides because none of us were interested, but I think the cost is between $300 and $400.


1975 was the first year that people were allowed on the field with the balloons.


Yoda kind of snuck in on this picture.


In 1986 they held the first glow. There wasn’t a glow the three nights we were there.



In 1978 they had the first “key grab”. A set of keys was hooked to a really high pole and the balloonists would try to grab the keys as their balloon floated by. It sounds easy but remember, the pilots have very little control of their balloon. The wind is in charge. It wasn’t until 1981 that they finally had a winner. The prize was a brand new car.



Attending this balloon festival should be on everybody’s bucket list. For us though, it was a one time thing. I know that being able to volunteer down on the launch field is a lot of fun, but neither Jim nor I are physically able to help anybody. So we did not go down to the launch field.

DSCN4280After the balloons are done launching (and believe me, it is beyond incredible), everything shuts down including the vendors. Jeri and I talked about what a shame it was that there weren’t any vendors out  in the RV parking area. There is probably some reason for it but I sure don’t know why not.

So from 9:00 a.m. to sunset, there is almost nothing to do at the venue. The balloon museum is open but Jim and I had already explored it with our kids. In fact, we have explored most of Albuquerque with Steve and Jen over the years.

DSCN4281That meant for most of the time we found it rather boring. Like I said, they did not have a glow any of the nights we were there. The week-ends are when most events take place. But that is when all the crowds show up. And I don’t do crowds. Thursday and Friday all the kids are out of school and they take over the fiesta.

It is definitely a must see but we won’t do it again.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The End of the Special Shapes

And I know you’re all saying thank goodness. But I want all these great balloons in my blog book that I have made each year. I found it interesting how many of these balloons come from other countries.

Uncle Sam – South Dakota


Whooz’up – Salt Lake City, UT


Sushi – Nevada


Sea Fantasy


Balloonaful Sunrise – Phoenix


Bill the Vampire – Brazil


Busby the Queens – United Kingdom


Joelly – Maricopa, AZ


Lindy – Missouri


Pegleg Pete – Illinois

Annie the Ladybug




The following definitely rank among our favorites

Creamland Cow – Airabelle – British Columbia


Jack the Pelican – Brazil


Smokey Bear – Albuquerque


Loved Smokey’s Chase Crew


Wells Fargo Cent’r Stage – Albuquerque


And last but not least – Beagle Maximus – Albuquerque



The End


More Special Shapes

The special shape rodeo is the most popular event of the balloon festival which also happens to be the most photographed event in the world. I can see why. I took so many pictures that I got overwhelmed just looking at them.

Freedom Flight – Minnesota


Humpty Dumpty


Kermie – Quebec


Mr. Fish – Brazil


Pepe the Hedgehog – Czech Republic


Simbaloo – not sure where he is from


Alien Rocket – Ontario


Carousel – Minnesota


Smiley Scarecrow – Indiana


I couldn’t find this guy’s name


Cosmos1 – Fort Worth, Texas


Nitrofish – Brazil




Walkin’ On Air – Texas (notice the flip flops)


Baby Car – Brazil


Baby Lente – Belgium


Keystone Willy – Oklahoma


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Special Shapes Rodeo

Thursday morning brought us the Special Shapes Rodeo. Special shaped balloons first took flight in 1989 at the Fiesta. The ideal wind speed for these special balloons is 5 mph.

I tried to pick my favorite shaped balloons but I failed. So it’s okay if you get tired of looking at pictures. I have three posts of the special shape balloons because it was just too many pictures for one post.

Lady Jester – Albuquerque


Gus T. Guppy – Minnesota 


Con Air – California


Black Sheep – Brazil


Darth Vader – Belgium


Darth from underneath


I had trouble getting Yoda to cooperate. He’s also from Belgium. 


Iwi the Kiwi from New Zeland


Nelly Princess – Belgium


Flying Gator – Brazil


Lottie Dottie Chicken – Brazile


Big Hug from Brazil


Captain Jack – Great Britain


Bimbo Bear – Texas


Armadillo – Brazil