Friday, May 20, 2011


IMG_1326 Our camping spot while we were visiting Canyon de Chelly. This is a great boon docking campground. And it’s free! (That may change in the future if the Tribal Council takes over control of the campground.)


IMG_1327 Very busy place. Lots of tent campers and car campers (people who sleep in their vehicles) along with the RV’s of every kind. Also, lots of rental RV’s. During the day and especially on week-ends, lots of the locals use the campground for picnics and parties. High school graduation was the week-end we were there and lots of celebrations were being held in the campground.

IMG_1329Definitely the perfect place to camp to visit this area.

My post on Canyon de Chelly itself, will take awhile. I need to pick out a few pictures from the hundreds we took. But I will tell you it is an incredible place and we will definitely return.


  1. Oh, you are at one of our very favorite places! Are you able to attend any of the ranger presentations? I wish we had taken a jeep tour to the bottom of the canyon - we hiked down, but I know the jeep tour would have been so great. OK, I'm jealous.

  2. We are so upset that we didn't get to visit this beautiful area. On the way driving there, it started to snow in Oct.! The weather forecast said to stay away so we turned around and went back. Glad you two got to experience it!

  3. That looks like a great place to stay. Looking forward to your report.

  4. What a great free campground. It looks so nice.

  5. Looks like a great RV park. We are always looking for the great ones.

  6. What a cool campground. Can't wait for us to get solar and boondock ready.


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