Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Ruin Dinner Plans According to Rocky Joe

Canyon Ferry – High 97  Low 63

I was so excited because Jan and Bill were going to be in our campground for a couple of nights. It’s been a long time since we last saw them.

But, as often happens, plans did not go quite as planned. On Tuesday when we were gone, Rocky Joe hurt himself somehow. He was really favoring his right front paw. This happened once before in AJ and the vet told us that he had probably bruised his foot and gave us some pain medication for him. We still had some of the meds left and he responded to them really well.

RJ only has one speed – and that is full speed ahead. Trying to keep him calm and slow him down going up and down the steps to the bed is impossible. He also jumps up on the dinette benches and onto the table when we’re not around.

After Jan and Bill got set up, we took both Skittlez and Rocky with us to visit with them. We then decided to head up the road to Winston and grab a burger and fries at the Big Bull Grill. Jim stayed home with Rocky since we can’t trust him and I brought him back a burger. It was so good to see such good friends again.

They had things they wanted to get done on Friday so I told them I’d fix dinner. Rocky was feeling really good Friday morning so he and Jim went fishing. I fixed a chicken pot pie for dinner and told them to be there about 4:30 for dinner.

This is the only picture I have and that’s because I took it from Jan’s blog.


The four of us were visiting as the pot pie finished baking when Skitz decided she wanted to jump up on the bench with Jan. She slid off the seat and she must have fallen into RJ cause he went into attack mode. When he went after her he really hurt himself. He was crying with pain and when Jim tried to pick him up, he attacked Jim. (Remember he has no teeth, so he can’t really hurt anyone but he sounds really mean.) We all thought he had broken his leg.

I got on the phone and tried to find a vet in Townsend but the only vet was out on a farm call and they didn’t know when she would be back. We have used a vet in Helena before and I called their office. They closed at 6:00 and it was almost 5:00. Their appointments were booked and told us that we would be charged for a $150 emergency visit. Fine with us as long as they could see him.

I pulled the pot pie out of the oven and even remembered to turn the oven off. Grabbed a plate and made sure Jan and Bill got some to take home with them. We also gave Rocky a pain pill but he cried while Jim carried him to the truck. I got Skitz in the truck and we headed for Helena, 30 miles up the road.

The vet put a muzzle on RJ in order to examine him and she thought he had a fractured shoulder or a chip that had broken off. Time for an X-ray. Good news, sort of. Nothing was broken or fractured. However, his little body is full of arthritis. This shoulder socket was especially bad because sometime in his past, he had injured that shoulder and torn all the cartilage. When Skitz fell into him, she must have really jarred his shoulder which was already hurting.

We left the vet with two different pain medications and today is he is doing really good. We are not letting him do any steps or jumping of any kind. Jim can carry him without any pain and he’s not limping much at all. He will have to be on a long term pain control maintenance program. We are also going to try and train him to a crate over the next several months because we don’t dare leave him.

I know this is long but I wanted to document everything that happened for my own information. I really appreciate the fact that Jan and Bill were so understanding when we ruined our dinner plans.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Canyon Ferry – High 89  Low 64

Now this is what we call a good day of fishing. 12 walleye (which is the limit) and one perch.


Gotta take time for a shore break. Rocky Joe could care less about the water. Jim put him in the lake (only up to his belly so not very deep) and he just walked out. Not a water dog.


And while the guys are fishing, this is how we girls spend our time.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Campground Visitors

Canyon Ferry, MT   High 98  Low 64

Had some visitors drop by our campground store. They are from Texas and are headed up to Whitefish, MT for a big car show and rally.





And there they go.


We also had this rather odd looking RV in our park for a few nights.


When Jim was cleaning some fish, a couple of guys stopped to talk to him. He ended up inviting them to go fishing with him the next day. Really made their day. Jim left Rocky at home because we were afraid he might get stepped on. Sure enough, they caught some fish but not near as many as Jim and his good luck charm, Rocky Joe. Jim let the guys have the fish for their dinner.

On Saturday, out of curiosity, Jim drove down to the boat trailer parking for the lake. There were between 80 and 100 trailers and that is why he does not go out on the lake during the week-end.

The 19th was my birthday and we went up to Winston to the Big Bull Grill with Carol and Doug. Got my fix of hand cut fresh French fries and a creme brulee for dessert. A wonderful day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summertime and the Living is Easy

Silos at Canyon Ferry – High 84 (a cold front went through last night) But up to 100 again by Saturday.  Lows are in the 60’s which does make for a good temperature for sleeping.

Before leaving Helena we took the pups in for a bath at Rods and Dogs. It’s a car wash with three bays for washing dogs. Love this place. Not sure RJ or Skitz are too impressed with it though.


On Monday, we left our Helena spot and moved 30 miles down the road to the KOA at the Silos on Canyon Ferry. We are close to Townsend, MT. We stayed here for a month last year because even though this is a KOA is is more like a fishing camp. Lots of boats everywhere. Also lots of folks live here year round or leave their RV here and come in for vacations or week-ends. So not a typical KOA.

Canyon Ferry – the sun is so bright it’s hard to get a good picture. I’ll try again sometime.


Rocky was hoping to go fishing with Jim but Jim figured the first trip out, Rocky needed to stay home. So he is driving me crazy with his whining and grumbling and pacing because Jim isn’t here. This dog is totally obsessed with Jim and cannot settle down when Jim is gone even though he’s with me and Skitz.

Four days later – Jim took Rocky out fishing and he turned out to be a good luck charm. Jim probably caught 20 walleye. Brought home enough for us to have dinner and to throw some in the freezer. RJ has a life vest and we also got him a hat to protect his eyes and nose from the sun.



Skitz and I really enjoyed our quiet, peaceful time.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Well, That Was a Rude Awakening

Helena, MT   High 98  Low 63

We had quite a storm go through last night with lots of wind and lightning but not much rain. Watched the neighbor’s chair go flying through the air and into a tree. And not good weather for firefighters. I was sure glad when we finally quit rocking and rolling so we could get some sleep which has been lacking with the fireworks.

At 12:30 this morning I abruptly woke up with my heart trying to escape my body and the Bungalow was vibrating. Jim, of course, was still asleep but he didn’t stay that way very long with me punching him. He grunted that it was just the wind and went immediately back to sleep. Not me. This was NOT the rocking and rolling that the wind causes.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit about 30 miles from here. No injuries or damage have been reported but officials are out this morning checking roads, bridges, and utilities.  


I had no idea what was wrong and finally went back to sleep. Didn’t know it was an earthquake until we got a text from Todd this morning asking if we had felt it. We’re supposed to have more aftershocks today but I’m really hoping they are just minor ones.

How about a couple of beautiful Montana sunsets from our spot here in Helena.



Monday, July 3, 2017

Having Fun in Helena

Helena, MT   High 77 to 101 – take your pick

I want to thank all of you for the special words on my Scooter blog post. I know most of you understand how we feel.

When we arrived at our spot in Helena, it was 98 degrees. Getting set up just about did me in and I was sure glad to get the air turned on. We are staying on my brother-in-law’s lot where we always stay. This lot has been a wonderful option for us and we sure do appreciate it.

My sister, Judy, and her hubby, Don, fixed dinner for us – burgers on the grill and they were sooo good. Especially since I didn’t have to do anything except show up. The next night I made spaghetti and I think everybody enjoyed it.

Wednesday we had lunch with one of my classmates and her hubby. The last time we saw them was in Quartzsite in October of 2016. I didn’t get a picture today but this is from Q.

Wanda and Dale


Seems like we have lots of errands to get done – nail trims for the fur kids. They also need baths. Do some grocery shopping, go to a few garage sales, let Jim play with his boat. You know – just life.

Our good friend, Paul, is in town for a few days so we’ve had a chance to get together with him. He and Jim went to a car show and drooled over all the old cars. However, they didn’t bring me a single picture for the blog.

Dianna (who refuses to have her picture taken) sold her house in Phoenix and moved to Missoula, MT where her daughter lives. She was in Helena so we met up for breakfast. She’s really happy with her decision to move back to Montana.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I really want to like this holiday but I just can’t. I can celebrate the birth of our great country but I sure wish it wasn’t celebrated with fireworks. We have had loud booming fireworks going off every night since last Friday and our poor dogs are really suffering. I can’t even begin to imagine how bad it must be for soldiers with PTSD.

However, I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day with family and friends and good food.

4th of july stars_0

Sunday, July 2, 2017

One year and A Million Tears

Helena, MT   High 84 and going higher  Low 54

Our beloved Scooter has been gone for a year and she is still missed beyond words.


She was so tiny when we got her. You can barely see her curled up on Todd’s lap.


This was Scoots’ favorite position in the sun.




She was a mighty hunter


She helped me write the blog.


She didn’t like fireworks or thunderstorms so we bought her a Thundershirt to help her stay calm.


She loved being on the water with Jim.


She enjoyed seeing the sights with the wind in her ears.


sightseeing scooter

She loved Skittlez



She could never resist attacking the water from the hose.


Are you talking to me?


She claimed her toys.


But most of all she loved her dad. She was Jim’s Little Bitty Buddy.


We love you Scooter and miss you every day.