Friday, May 27, 2011


Diana just commented on my blog that we picked the busiest time of the year to be in Moab and that I really do need to give the area another try. Two questions – 1) Why is May the busiest time of the year to be in Moab? The weather was really rainy. and 2) When would be a good time to go? I really would love to spend some time in this area if it wasn’t so overloaded with people and noisy machines.

IMG_1521 Toni – that round dome thing is natural. As you come around a curve there it is, just sitting out there by itself.




IMG_1613 I promised you more pictures so here they are. This one is Ham Rock.





IMG_1621 And finally the arches.






IMG_1623 IMG_1629


  1. Caught up on all your Arches and Moab posts. the scenery is bueatiful but like you, I would find the crush of people overwhelming. This is one of the places on our List but I think I might find a different time to go. I'm wondering if right after Labor Day would be a good time - kids back in school but the weather should still be nice. I think I will do some research and see what the weather is then. Hope you have some warm and restful days ahead.

  2. beautiful shots of the Arches!..Moab seems to be a busy place..lots of bloggers in the area!

  3. We visited the Arches in April last year and it was perfect. Great weather and very few visitors.

    Great pictures of a very beautiful place. We'd love to go back again.

  4. I can't understand why it would be the busiest time of year either. I would think it would be summer.

    The weather seems to be very unusual all over the country. Maybe the weather in Moab is just as unusual for that area. Who knows?

  5. May is the busiest time because the weather is usually the best then. October is another option. I had heard that a lot of Europeans have off the whole month of May, and a lot of them come to Moab.

    The round rock is called Church Rock and you can go inside it.

  6. First time in Moab & the Arches was May of 1992 & it wasn't too bad but of course I think there are far more people traveling now. Second time in Moab was November of 2007. Nights were getting pretty cold but not as many of folks at the Arches which was totally great. Going anywhere after Labor Day has to be a plus for sure & I think September & October are two of the best overall months for traveling.

  7. Great to the "crush" of folks, I'll agree that it may have to do with kids outta of school and summer vacation season starting...we try to avoid that, but it is getting harder ever year. Out little campground filled up this holiday weekend..much to our dismay....

  8. We also went in April last year without all the crowds you are having. Apparently you need to get a little further off the shoulder seasons.


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