Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thanks to Al, I am back up and finally functioning again. Although very slowly and it will take me a long while to catch up on everybody’s blogs.

We are currently in Cottonwood Campground at Canyon de Chelly and I have not been able to get any service with my air card. But there’s wi-fi in town and we’re good to go as long as the battery on the computer holds out.

So now for a few posts.

scooter Our Scooter girl is really doing good. She wants to say thanks to everybody who sent get well wishes. They seemed to have worked. The sore on her leg isn’t oozing anymore, the new antibiotics don’t upset her stomach and at moments she almost thinks she’s a young pup again.

toothache Oh, one other update. My toothache. I really don’t have a clue what is happening in my mouth. The constant terrible pain I was experiencing seems to be gone just like it came. One day it’s there and the next it’s not. However, I now have a tooth just in front of where the pain was before, that is so sensitive to cold it can bring me to my knees with pain if I’m not careful.  But if I’m careful, no pain. I’ll probably have to find a dentist somewhere but I’m kind of hoping I can get back to my dentist in Billings.


  1. glad to hear that Scooter is on the mend!!!

  2. So Glad to hear Scooter is feeling better. Does he still have to wear that bandage ?

    Get that tooth checked out ASAP. When do you think you'll be in Billings ?

  3. Glad your toothache is gone but must have missed something about Scooter! Hopefully, she's feeling better now too. It's certainly not any fun when we're under the weather or our furry family members are either.

  4. So glad she is feeling so much better. Tell her I am thinking of is Bella...right!

  5. You know the phrase "long in the tooth"? It turns out as we age our gums recede exposing the roots of our teeth. These roots can be sensitive to cold. Since I started using Crest Sensitive toothpaste, I've been able to resume drinking cold beverages.


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