Sunday, May 31, 2015

Twiddling Our Thumbs+

Nothing new on the surgery. I keep saying “Maybe tomorrow”.

Jim got our new air conditioner set up and that thing is worth it’s weight in gold to us right now. It is currently 106 outside and with the second air it stays about 79/80 inside. It’s wonderful.

Ginny and Mickey, our good friends across the street from us, took off this morning for their summer travels. It was rather depressing to watch them hitch up and leave. However, watching them load their bike was fun. They definitely have done it a few times.

We have babies – two hummingbirds. Mom is definitely very protective of them and gets really upset when we stand around taking our pictures. Peg and John are going to have to clean the underside of their awning in the Fall.

 Skittlez enjoying the ice cream container.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cousins and Friends

Apache Junction, AZ  High 95  Low 74

My cousin, Myrna, is visiting her kids in Phoenix. She has a really busy schedule but we were able to fit in a lunch get-together. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a chance to visit and it was fun to catch up with her again. She and her hubby are living in Idaho. Her Mom and mine are sisters. 

On Memorial Day Al and Wilma had a cookout for those of us who are left in the park. A few couldn’t make it and we had 12 people who brought enough food for 25 people.
I loved reading all the posts online about those who have served our country. My Dad served in the Army during WWII while Mom worked for Boeing and built bombers. 

Paul is leaving today to go get his new motorhome. We went to Los Gringos Locos last night for dinner and I had a surprise for him for dessert. We have officially become locals. Last night at dinner, the owner came over and invited us to Local's Appreciate Day on June 22. 40% off food and $2 margaritas. I think we'll be taking advantage of that offer.

We all love blueberry pie but they are really hard to find. However, I discovered a place called Piefection in Mesa and they do have a blueberry pie. It was really good.

No news from the doctor yet regarding Jim’s leg and what needs to be done to fix things. So we are waiting impatiently. 

We ordered a portable air conditioner and it has arrived just in time. Our temperatures are headed into the triple digits on Friday – 105 degrees on Sunday and they will probably remain high for most of the time we’re here.

I really hate the fact that I have to use blogger instead of Live Writer. I have no idea how this is going to look but I thought I'd go ahead and post to see what happens.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tests Finished – No Results Yet

Apache Junction, AZ  High 88  Low 59

Thank you all so much for the wonderful wishes on our anniversary. We had a nice day. After church Jim took me up to Porter’s for my favorite hamburger. They are sooo good.

Our weather is still gorgeous but it is going to be headed up this next week.

Jim is done with tests and now we are waiting to hear from the doctors. Hopefully early next week.

After his test on Thursday (he had to fast for it) he was ready for breakfast. We were almost in downtown Phoenix so I went on Yelp and found a breakfast place with great reviews.

I forgot to take any pictures so these are from their website.


matt'sThis is a local place in a rather rundown neighborhood and caters to everyone from men in suits to families and everyone in between. It’s not large but it was packed when we got there at 9:30 on a Thursday morning.  

The food was incredibly good. They make their own blueberry preserves and we ended up buying a jar because it was so good. However there was one major drawback – the place was NOISY!!!! I have never been anywhere that was as loud. I actually ended up with a headache from the noise. But we would go back if we are ever in that area again – the food was that good.

Wednesday night we ordered Chinese take-out and went over to Paul’s place to watch a movie – My Fellow Americans – an oldie but so funny.

When we’re not eating, Jim is still working on projects so that when the doctor says we’re good to go we can get out of here.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sad News – Hazel of Class A Greyhounds

Apache Junction, AZ  High 89  Low 63

Sad news today when I read that Hazel Bluhm of Class A Greyhounds passed away from a massive stroke. Karen Pfundtner has written a wonderful tribute to Hazel on her blog at Karen in the Woods.

I met Hazel and her Greyhounds in Quartzsite at our Blogger Fest this last January and have followed along with her blog since then. We’ve exchanged several e-mails and was truly an animal lover.

Thank you Karen for letting blog land know of her passing.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

29 Years Ago

Apache Junction, AZ  High 79  Low 54

29 years ago Jim and I were married in Alexandria, VA. The weather was typical East Coast weather – hot and humid. We got married at home and that morning Jim and Billy were hard at working putting in a window air conditioner so I wouldn’t melt.

What a glorious day. I love you Jim. Forever and ever.

Todd and Michaela sent us this as an anniversary gift. It is definitely going to find a permanent place in the Bungalow because a truer statement has never been made.


Jim has been working on the Bungalow getting odds and ends done – like changing the anode rod in the hot water heater and washing it out.

We went to the library and took out three movies. All three of them had problems so we didn’t watch any of them to the end. However, we did see this fellow at the library. Waiting patiently.


Jim has two tests scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully we will hear from his cardiologist on Friday and we can get his surgery scheduled. The sooner the better.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Great News and A Change of Plans

Apache Junction, AZ   High  91 Low 63

We saw the oncologist on Monday and he had nothing but good news for us. We really like those kinds of doctor visits.

After leaving his office we headed over to the Texaz Grill to meet up with Bob and Jo for lunch. They stay clear over on the west side of Phoenix and we’re all the way east so we try to meet in the middle. Jo is having back issues and they will have to be in area for most, if not all, of the summer.

Before we made it to the restaurant, Jim’s phone rang. I answered the phone while he pulled over because it was his heart doctor’s office. Seems he has a problem with a blockage in his femoral artery in his right leg. In 2012 he had his left leg fixed with a by-pass and a stent. So we are waiting to find out exactly what needs to be done.

If he has to have a by-pass done (which is highly likely), the recovery period is 6 to 8 weeks. So all plans for leaving next Monday have gone out the window. At this time, we have no idea when we will be leaving.

The worst part of all this is going to be the heat. We only have one air conditioner in our fifth wheel and it really struggles when the temperatures reach 100.

Life Happens.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day

Apache Junction, AZ  High 79  Low 8

I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with lots of love and fun.

Very unusual weather for Arizona in May. We are about 15 degrees below normal. Next week we are supposed to be much closer to normal but towards the end of the week it will cool back down into the 80’s. Sure makes my electric bill happy.

We’ve been seeing a lot of doctors and having lots of tests done. Hopefully next week we get all good reports and we can get out of here. Monday is our appointment with the oncologist. I always spend a very anxious few days before this appointment so I’ll sure be glad when it’s done.

scooterWe took Scooter in for a check up before leaving town and loading up on six months worth of pills for her. Her lungs are sounding good but the vet said her heart just gets louder and louder. I know that means that her big heart could just give out at any time. However most days she feels good and loves to go rabbit hunting with Jim. She’s enjoying life and we’ll do everything we can to make her happy.

unnamedThis is what happens when Jim takes her out to hunt rabbits. Sometimes they don’t get too far. Got to stop and visit you know. The beautiful Siberian in the picture is Kia and she is almost 13. Not sure she’ll be back with us next winter or not. 

We have a mama hummingbird right across the street. Such a little tiny nest. 


Can you see her in the picture below?


Can you tell I’m looking for things to do? This is what happens – poor Skitz. I used her collar to rearrange her ears.


She moved her head just as I took this one.


Saw this at a Fry’s parking lot. Great idea. Solar power and shade for shoppers all in one.


Jim got the roof of the fiver washed and sealed and all new vent covers put on.


An Arizona sunset.



On one of our many visits to Scottsdale for doctor appointments, we had breakfast at The Breakfast Joynt. Pretty good food. But the sinks in the bathroom were really incredible.


On Friday we spent almost six hours getting tests done for Jim. By that time I informed him we were not cooking dinner and doing dishes. We had a coupon for Dickey’s BBQ in Mesa and decided to give it a try. It was really good.

This pair was sitting outside Dickey’s. Not sure where they came from but I hope they made it home safe.


Friday, May 1, 2015

Our New Addition

Apache Junction, Az  High 101  Low 68

Starting to heat up here in the valley. We hit 101 yesterday and today. I checked my blog for a year ago and we had 100 degree weather May 2. If anything needs to get done outside it has to be in the early morning or late evening.

However, after watching the weather on TV, I will take our heat over the storms any day.

We went to visit Aunt Happy. She is doing really good. I helped her put her earrings on (she dresses every day with earrings, necklace and bracelets) and her face powder. She had a couple of small chores for Jim to do. Refill her humidifier and hang up some items that she can’t reach. After our visit we walked with her down to the dining room and Jim pulled her chair out for her and then pushed her up to the table. She then told the three other people at her table – “See, this is why I need a man.” I tried hard not to crack up. What a lady.

Now for our new addition: We had a camper shell put on the back of our pick up. That gives Jim more room for his tools.


He decided this would be a perfect time to straighten out one (yes – one) of his tool boxes.


And this is why Jim can fix just about anything that goes wrong.