Monday, May 9, 2011


IMG_1027 After leaving the beauty of the Petrified Forest behind, we headed into New Mexico. Once again our scenery changes.IMG_1028






IMG_1037 We stopped at the Gallup Cultural Center and visited their museum. Jim loved the Kachina Dolls.


IMG_1040 This fellow is a Navaho Code Talker who served with the Marines during WWII.


From Gallup we turned south on Highway 602 and then east on Highway 53. We drove through Ramah and turned right about 7 miles later on BIA 125. Another 8 miles down the road we turned onto a gravel road, BIA 120, and continued on for another four miles to our destination.


  1. New Mexico is a beautiful state to travel around in, one of our favourites. Looking forward to your upcoming posts and pics.

  2. New Mexico has great deals for camping in their state park system. We're looking forward to that maybe this fall.

  3. Never been to NM but it is definitely on our to-do list. I have to tell you, I get a good chuckle every time I open your blog and see the picture of your girls. Just makes me happy...thanks.

  4. Enjoy your time in the Land of Enchantment. Hopefully, the winds will be much calmer for you! Have fun!

  5. I bought a coloring book about the Navajo Code Talkers when we were in that area. A fun way to learn some serious history.

  6. Great pictures. We loved NM. Take you time and see all there is to see. Navajo Code Talkers are amazing!


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