Friday, May 20, 2011


Margie, we did take the jeep tour along the floor of Canyon de Chelly and I am so glad we did. It was a great experience.

IMG_1385 Because this is Navajo land and people still live in the Canyon, you cannot go into the Canyon without a Navajo guide. Our guide was JJ (Gerald) and I would hope anybody else who takes this tour gets him for a guide. He was raised for part of his boyhood in the Canyon living with his Father and his Aunt. He had marvelous stories to tell and so much knowledge.

IMG_1389 It was chilly and windy so we opted for the Suburban rather than the open jeep. Sure glad we did. Driving into the canyon you drive through the river bed off and on along the trail. You can take your own four wheel drive vehicle into the canyon with a guide in your car with you, but I’m not sure why you would do that. Pretty tough road on the vehicle.

IMG_1353 We took the three hour tour that takes you up to White House ruins and to Antelope ruins. They really do look different up close and personal than from the top of the rims.

IMG_1359 There are many petroglphys along the tour and JJ took the time to explain what they meant. At least as far as they have been able to determine what they mean.

IMG_1361 His Grandfather told him stories about the little people who lived in this canyon. The women were only about 4’ and the men were only about 4’6”. Grandfather always believed that these people still lived in the canyon back behind the walls but hid from all contact with others who came to the canyon. JJ’s ancestors came from the north, from the Bering Strait. On his mother side they were fishermen and on his father side, they were Eskimos and were hunters as well as fishermen.

IMG_1373 He also explained to us that the elders (both male and female) do not like to be called Navajo. They say that is a derogatory word and want to be known as Dine. (Can anyone tell me how to put the mark over the “e”?)






You can also take a longer tour that will take you all the way out to Spider Rock. Maybe next time.


  1. That tour looks great. Wish we had done it when we were there, but our first priority was the hike down to the White House Ruins (the only way you can enter the canyon WITHOUT a guide)... after which the weather changed in an unpleasant way! Maybe next time - sigh...

  2. Diné that what you are asking? You can type this by depressing teh alt key and typing 130 on your number pad. If this is not the right character try looking here

    Anyway, great post and pictures. That is a tour I think I would enjoy. Thanks for posting.

  3. I love the color of the hills and rocks.

  4. We totally enjoyed our time at Canyon de Chelly & found it a special place. We hiked down to White House ruins on the Canyon floor. Maybe next time we'll do that guided tour.

  5. Thanks for another great tour and pictures. Looks like an interesting place to visit.

  6. You guys sure do go to some great and interesting places.

  7. So glad you got to take the jeep tour. It certainly is an interesting place. I just love those rock formations. We also enjoyed just sitting at the campsite amount the cottonwood trees. Seems like we stopped at Hubbell Trading Post too - very expensive items. Can't remember if you have been to Monument Valley or not??? Another of my favorites.

  8. I took that tour many years ago, and would love to do it again. Great photos!


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