Saturday, September 11, 2010


lucy mack smith The Saints from New York traveled to Ohio in several different groups. The weather was cold and the journey was difficult. One group was led by the Prophet’s mother, Lucy Mack Smith. Lucy reminded the Saints that they were following the commandments of the Lord, and if they were faithful, they would be blessed. She encouraged them to sing and pray during the journey. Lucy’s group traveled to Buffalo, New York, and planned to travel on Lake Erie which would take them close to Kirtland, OH. When the group arrived in Buffalo, they found that the ships were unable to move on the lake because large pieces of ice had jammed the harbor. Lucy had faith that the Lord would help them. When the Saints got on board a ship the next morning, she persuaded the group to unite together in faith and pray to the Lord to break the pieces of ice.

She explained, “A noise was heard like bursting thunder. The captain cried, ‘Every man to his post!’ The ice parted, leaving barely a passage for the boat and so narrow as the boat passed through, the buckets were torn off the water wheel with a crash.  . . . We had barely passed through the avenue when the ice closed together again.” (Lucy Mack Smith, History of Joseph Smith, pp 204-5)


  1. It must be very interesting to you to visit all the places that have heard about for years! I'm enjoying the trip too.

  2. What a great way to study history. Thanks for teaching me! I think this "old" horse can learn new tricks. It similar to Moses parting the Sea. Excellent! God is Good!!!


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