Sunday, September 5, 2010


NickTerryonstage_thumb I’m just going to refer you to Nick’s Blog for info on the rally. He did such a good job of writing it up and got such great pictures that I don’t want to ruin it.

. . . . Nick and Miss Terry

Here’s the link to his blog: If you don’t follow Nick’s blog, you will enjoy reading his postings. He really is funny.

RickLangweighing_thumb. . . . Karen and John getting their rig weighed.

We had a great time and attended some great seminars. Jim and I split up several times so we could attend more seminars. Some of the ones I attended were: Fire Safety (this is one I like to attend every couple of years as a refresher course), Beginning Genealogy, Google Earth, Blogging Beyond the Basics, Tips and Tidbits, Laughing Your Way Across the USA. jan and kayak

. . . Jan at the Kayak seminar

Jim went to the more technical ones: Electrical Management Systems, GPS Navigation and Trip Planning, Water Heater Maintenance, Auxiliary Tow Brakes, Reverse Osmosis Water Systems.

Jim also had to fit in several trips to the chiropractor. When we were at Lincoln’s Tomb, he missed a small step and twisted the wrong way. We kept hoping his back would get better (his back has been in bad shape for many years) but no such luck. After six visits he is doing much better. The doctor also gave him some exercises to do which is hysterical because the girls think he is playing with them and they lick his face while he’s on the floor.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Gypsy Journal Rally. Wish our plans had worked out differently so we could have met you there. We've been to two of Nick's rallies before - both in Celina, OH. Good fun at both of them. Another favorite rally was the Class B rallies that I used to go to. We went to one FMCA in Perry, GA but it just seemed too big for us. Nick's are the size rally we prefer. Glad to read that it will be back in Celina next year - maybe we'll make it.


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