Sunday, September 12, 2010


IMG_6625 We had an educational and very interesting visit to Kirtland, OH. But it was time to move on into Pennsylvania. Tonight we are camped in a beautiful state park not too far from State College, PA. There are very few people here; it is nice and quiet. The sites are huge and we are surrounded by trees that are starting to change colors for the fall. About as perfect as you can get.

IMG_6627Tomorrow we’re going to go explore Penns Cave. Tonight Jim is glued to the TV set (in his recliner of course) watching his Redskins play the Cowboys. This game is never good for his blood pressure so I’ll probably go to bed before it gets too bad.


  1. I know what you mean about football and blood pressure. My question is if it upsets them so much, why do they watch it? It looks like you're in a beautiful location.

  2. Will he start yelling at the TV and wake you up? :) I always preferred my football from the stands where I could yell and make a fool of myself. There's no atmosphere on the TV.

  3. We will be using that same glue soon. Hockey starts on Monday!


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