Sunday, September 5, 2010


IMG_6525Is this really a lake or a misplaced ocean? We decided to drive up to the lake one day while we were banished to the truck. A beautiful, hot, humid day. Not much wind and yet look at those white caps.

IMG_6526I have to tell a Jim story. Shortly after we met, we flew out to Montana to visit my family. (We were living in Virginia at the time.) Jim fell asleep (surprise, surprise) and woke up when we were passing over the Great Lakes. He looked out the window and turned to me and wanted to know how come we were over the ocean. I laughed so hard. Probably not a good thing to do when you’re dating a guy that you really like. But he was so confused. I finally got myself under control enough to explain we were over the lakes not the ocean. We both remembered this when we saw the lake and had a good laugh.

The girls were definitely not impressed with the water rolling towards them. “LET ME OUT OF HERE!”

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