Friday, September 10, 2010


kirtland I am really excited to be able to see some of the Church history sites that I have heard about since I was young. However, I’ve kind of done this trip backwards. Joseph Smith was born in Vermont, then moved to New York which is where God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ appeared to him in the Sacred Grove. When they were run out of that area by the mobs they moved to Kirtland, OH and then into Missouri and then to Nauvoo, IL where he and his brother were murdered and the Saints were forced to flee to the Salt Lake Valley.

josephSo, we have already visited Nauvoo and are now in Kirtland. From here we will eventually go to New

. . . . . Joseph Smith

York and explore Church History in that area. I hope this all makes some kind of sense as you read it.

I am also going to break down this history of the Church into a few smaller posts. So welcome to Kirtland, OH.

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