Friday, September 17, 2010


legends Warren, PA – We stopped at the visitor’s center to pick up some information on the area and asked the woman working there for a recommendation for dinner.IMG_6725

Legends was the place. It’s about 3 miles outside of town and is worth the drive. I sure would hate to have to dust the place though.IMG_6727

Jim’s hamburger was huge and the fries were great. But personally I think the hamburger I had at the Gamble Mill was much better.

legends1 IMG_6731I had a philly steak sandwich which was just okay. I figured being in PA I might get a really good one, but no such luck.

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  1. I know a really good place for a Philly! A really good place! Matter of fact since you mentioned it, I'll go have one for you! The sacrifices we make for our friends.


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