Friday, September 10, 2010


Dundee, MI – Tuesday morning and time to leave Elkhart. We had such a wonderful time and met some really wonderful people. We learned how to play Rummy-O thanks to John and Karen. We are definitely going to add that game to our stockpile. Had a wonderful dinner Monday night with Dave and Nancy (the newlyweds). It’s always bittersweet to leave a place where you’ve had such a great experience but there’s still a whole lot of world out there to see.

We didn’t get out of town until about 1:00 pm because of miscellaneous issues with the hitch and an order for sink covers that didn’t show up. But we only had about 130 miles to go to our next destination.

IMG_6571Jim decided he needed to a Cabala's stop and the closest one we could find was in Dundee, MI. Guess what – Karla and Eric were not too far north of there in Ann Arbor. Another dinner with good friends. They drove down and found us in Cabala’s and took us to an excellent Mexican Restaurant in Dundee. So great to catch up with them again.

We spent the night in Cabala’s parking lot along with a very, very, very, expensive looking Prevost and a nice Class C.

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