Friday, September 17, 2010


IMG_6751Warren, PA – We have a wonderful campsite in the National Forest with 30 amp electric for $12 a night with the Golden Age discount.

IMG_6752The Seneca Indians had a village on this site which is located along the banks of the Allegheny River.

IMG_6753 IMG_6734 This was a perfect place for us to stay while we did some genealogy work on Jim’s dad and grandparents. His grandfather was a tailor here in Warren and his dad was born his. We found a little information which is more than we had so it was well worth our visit.IMG_6739


  1. I'm glad your research was a success. We don't do geneology but have family members who do so we get a lot of information without the effort. It was interesting to me going through Dave's Dad's papers, though, and finding stuff from Grandma Lydia Sand's immigration--a copy of a ship's register page with her listed--I understand that to be good source material?

  2. You have a new truck? Is it an Avalanche?

  3. You are only about 40 miles from where I starting my RVing life at age 3. We used to spend weekends at Cook Forest State Park and I have such wonderful memories from that time of my life. Pennsylvania is so beautiful in the fall. I hope to be there next fall. Enjoy the beautiful fall leaves! Your genealogy excursions sound like fun.


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