Sunday, October 3, 2010


Nicole decided she liked the east coat so well she didn’t want to leave.

IMG_7061We were in an RV park in Quakertown, PA. The park is definitely in the woods, oak trees and lots of them which means tons of acorns dropping on us.

But we hunkered down and the rain came down. And came down, and came down. Along with acorns and tree branches. On top of our home. The noise inside our motorhome was incredible. Scooter was freaking out and I wasn’t very happy either. We finally had to take Toni’s advice and we turned on the closed captioning on the TV so we could watch TV.

IMG_7063We then discovered that OOPS we have a leak. Our window in our hallway was definitely not keeping out the rain like it’s supposed to. So in the midst of this storm, we go outside and take a look.

It appears we are going to have to get really creative. The window drain is plugged and Jim can’t get it cleaned out in this rain so somehow we have to divert the water. This was our solution.

IMG_7055 Yep, that’s a spatula and tinfoil. It worked!


  1. Get out the umbrella and see if that helps.

  2. You are right about motorhomes being noisy in the rain. We had the same problem with a window the other day, and fortunately I was in the mh when happened. I opened the window and screen from the inside and stuck a tooth pick in the drain hole to clean it out. It seemed to help and I didn't get quite as wet as I would have outside.


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