Friday, October 29, 2010


IMG_7596 We spent the night in Russellville, AR at a really nice small RV Park called Ivy’s Cove.

IMG_7598 After we left Russellville we headed towards Oklahoma on I-40 which took us through the Ozark Mountains. I bet they were really pretty a few weeks ago but now the leaves are past their peak.

IMG_7601 And they really aren’t mountains. At least not when I think of when we talk about mountains.

old-moonshine-still As we drove through this area I wondered if there were stills hidden up in the trees. This area is famous for moonshine and revenuers.

IMG_7599 And doesn’t this just make you think of something the Beverly Hillbillies would have? They were originally from the Ozarks. (In case you can’t tell – this van has a window air conditioner sticking out of the back.)


  1. That van with thie window air conditioner is soooo funny!

  2. Last night we watched a brand new movie courtesy of Red Box. It's called Winter's Bone and it's set in the Ozarks. We highly recommend it. Excellent, low budget, movie. Won the Toronto Film Festival.

  3. I saw a van the other day with a similar air conditioner. Maybe it was the same one. We also have something close to it a few rows over from where we are parked. You've got to admit that it would be cheaper to put that one on than get one from Camping World.

  4. But does it keep you cool while you're driving down the road? Or when you are boondocking?


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