Saturday, October 9, 2010



Whitehall is at the junction between the Champlain Canal and Lake Champlain and is the last stop before the canal ends and the lake begins.

IMG_7196 Lock C12 is located right in the heart of old Whitehall. This unique lock is in the center of the historic part of town. The lock lowers boats 15.3 feet from the Champlain Canal into Lake Champlain and raises them going the other direction.

IMG_7198Wood creek enters Lake Champlain here in Whitehall. Historically this is the location of the final lock on the Champlain Canal.

IMG_7201 Jim and I were able to watch two boats using the lock between the downpours. It was fascinating to watch the lock close, fill with water, and then open at the other end so the boats could continue up the canal.


  1. I enjoyed the tour of the Erie Canal and the locks. We always enjoy seeing how locks operate and have seen them in several places....but not the Erie Canal! It looks like a great place to make a stop the next time we are in that area. Nice pics showing the operational process.

  2. I remember going to something like this when I was little. I remember watching the boats get raised and lowered in the water. Is this where I was?

  3. I remember going to a place like this when I was little and watching the boats get raised and lowered in the water. Is this the same place Mom?


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