Wednesday, October 6, 2010


IMG_7178 After leaving Rutland, VT we needed to make a Walmart run in Ticonderoga, NY. The quickest way to get there was to take the ferry rather than drive all the way around Lake Champlain.

IMG_7179 We timed our arrival beautifully and got there just as the ferry was getting ready to dock and load for the return trip.

IMG_7181 The Ticonderoga Ferry is a seven-minute crossing on Lake Champlain between Ticonderoga, New York and Shoreham, Vermont.

IMG_7182 The ferry itself is the Addie B, a diesel-powered tugboat with an attached 94-ton steel barge. The barge is guided by two steel cables that lie submerged in the lake when the ferry isn't operating.

IMG_7183 IMG_7186

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  1. HI..I hope you all are heading south soon...its going to get COLD where you are!! We went to the National Corvette Museum today. Cool. When I tried the driving simulation it sounded just like Jim..laughing at me cause my steering wheel wasn't straigt! What route are you taking to Az..are you going through Texas?


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