Saturday, October 30, 2010


michaela This Mad Hatter is Michaela, our future daughter-in-law. Isn’t this costume just awesome. She is so talented and creative. She won first place and $500 last night at the big Halloween party in Billings.

Michaela & ZoeyThis is how beautiful she is when she isn’t playing the Mad Hatter.

fightingOur son, Todd, went as a member of Fighting Gravity. A fabulous group that I would love to see perform.

This is Todd holding the fish he caught when he and his Dad went fishing this summer.

ToddfishThis is their li'l pupkin - Zoey.


  1. Future daughter-in-law? Did we miss something? When is the big day?

  2. Michaela aka the Mad Hatter looks great!

  3. Nice family! Clearly son like his dad - loves the fishing.

  4. Loved Fighting Gravity. I think they should have won America's Got Talent. All Virginia Tech kids!!

  5. @Wanderin' - It's her "unofficial" daughter-in-law haha. It is not set in stone.... yet...

    @Traveling Along - I agree completely and can't wait to go see them when they get their own show in Vegas!

    Halloween this year was great for us, thanks for the comments!

  6. Wow...she is talented! I LOVE Fighting Gravity. They are from VT...Carrie went there. I think they are going to be set for a while. How unique! Of course my favorite is Zoey! Take care.


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