Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Toni and Doug arrived at the campground about an hour or so after we did and it was wonderful to see them again.

IMG_7139A lot of the restaurants here in Whitehall, NY are closed for the season. So off we went on a quest for a place to have dinner. The GPS recommended a place in Poultney, VT however, that one was also closed when we got there. Jim stopped in a gas station and asked them for a recommendation.

IMG_7137The Trolley Stop seemed to be the place to go. And it was only a short distance down the block.

Found a great little Vermont tourist shop that we just had to visit and sitting outside was this huge pumpkin. IMG_7138

It’s owner (can you own a pumpkin?) told us that he had just been at a contest and took first prize with his 1,254 lb pumpkin. Doug got the low down on how he grew a pumpkin this large and how they move it in and out of the truck and onto scales. Toni, Jim, and i went into the shop and had some pumpkin fudge. It was surprisingly good.

The restaurant was really good. Jim said his roast beef sandwich was the best one he’s ever had. They had their Halloween decorations up IMG_7141

to celebrate the season. A lot of people up here in New England really get into decorating for Halloween. In fact we even saw some Christmas decorations that Doug tried to convince us were Halloween colors – green for the stem on the pumpkin and the red was really orange. Good try Doug.


  1. Doug says that after the contest this pumpkin be hollowed out, the seeds kept and then they race the shells for charity. Last year they raised $15,000. Also the grower hollowed out another and he and his wife had a bath in it and made a joke picture from it for their Christmas cards.

  2. Wow, that was some pumpkin! Need to try some of that pumpkin fudge some day - sounds good.

  3. I don't me, fudge is all about being chocolate....pumpkin sounds scary to me.....


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