Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been doing a lot of thinking about friendship since I learned of the death of Margie and Bruce. I never had the opportunity to meet them in person but I felt like I knew them through their blog and that we were friends.

For those of you who don't follow their blog, they were taking a walk outside their RV park in Pismo Beach and were hit by a car driven by a 19 year old kid who was trying to "harm himself" according to the news report.
Such a senseless loss but it does makes one stop and gives thanks for the dear friends we do have and for the time we get to spend with them, whether in person or just as blogging friends. Each day is a gift that we are given by a loving Father in Heaven and I know that sometimes I take this gift and the gift of friendship for granted.
Tragedies like this make me realize just how fragile our time here on earth truly is. I want each of you who follow my blog to know how much I do appreciate you and value your comments and friendship.
My love and prayers go out to Bruce and Margie's family and friends. To all of you, thank you for sharing my life with me.


  1. Very nice, Sandie. Funny but I've been thinking a lot lately about how short life really is! Did you read the comment on their blog from their daughter?

  2. amen to is short..hug the ones you are with!

  3. Since we have been full timing, friendship has taken on a new meaning for Paul and I. When we were in Ohio, seeing our friends was just a daily event. Now, we both cherish our family and friends so much. We don't take it for granted as before. We enjoy emails from the them with updates of their lives. We enjoy making new friends and keeping in touch with them. We heard a sermon a week ago about "Encouragement". We both took it to hear and try each day to encourage one of our family members are friends. Thanks for the great blog!!! Keep up the good work. We enjoy following your travels. You encouraged me today to cherish my friends and family even more than before...THANK YOU!

  4. It's been interesting to me how close we can feel to people we've never met as we read blogs and forums. I once met face-to-face a guy who participated in an on-line forum where I was an active member and he felt he knew me well enough to kiss me on both cheeks the way he would have family members. I was shocked at first then realized what an honor that was.

  5. Ditto! Big hugs to you two. We so look forward to when we can meet up and play with you again. Travel safe and enjoy the view!

  6. Sob, sob, sob. Hugs to all of you. In the year we have been on the road, we have made more new friends than we have in the previous ten. See you all soon. Be safe, you're all so special.


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