Monday, October 25, 2010


IMG_7446 We are still headed down I-65 towards Nashville and decided to spend the night at the state park in Charlestown, IN. The rate was reasonable, $17.34 for electric, but they also charge you $5 per vehicle including the toad.

The sites are really nice (I forgot to take pictures of the sites) but the campground is actually 2.2 miles back into the park. We were the only ones parked in our loop. I think somebody else was parked in the full hookup loop. But that was it. These pictures are of the road into the campground.

IMG_7447Usually, this is exactly what I like. Nice and quiet and not a lot of people. But about 9:30 p.m. a car with a noisy muffler (so I’m thinking teenagers) started driving around and around the campground area. They would pull into campsites and sit there rumbling with their lights on then pull out and drive around for awhile and then park again. Finally about 10:45 I had had enough so I called the Sheriff’s office and they sent somebody out to run them off. I really did not get a very good night’s sleep. It was just really dark and nobody around. IMG_7448


  1. Do you think they were checking you out and maybe waiting for your lights to go out?

  2. Oh, "Wanderin'" asked I very good question. Sometimes I just don't like those really quiet, dark, empty campgrounds. Too scary. You did the right thing by making that call. Can't be too safe.


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