Wednesday, October 6, 2010


IMG_7083 Old Mill Village is a museum in the Endless Mountains in New Milford, PA. The Mill is the site of several civil war battle reenactments and they were holding one the week-end we were there.

IMG_7080We thought this would be a lot of fun so we headed out. Of course, we got lost and finally had to ask directions. We had only made one wrong turn which isn’t too bad for us.

IMG_7102 When we finally arrived we discovered that the actual battle reenactment would not be until late that afternoon so we wandered around and visited with the actors and listened to the music.

IMG_7103 I found it strange that when I asked a couple of the actors which battle was being reenacted they weren’t sure and didn’t even know which side won this particular battle. They’re just there for the fun. If you can call staying in a tent in the rain and cold, fun.


  1. I always thought reenactors chose specific people to play in specific events. Shows you what I know. Maybe it's only the officers who do that, after all, a common soldier is considered a replaceable part according to most history I've read so why should reenactments be any different?

  2. I would have thought they would have at least known some things about the battle.


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