Monday, October 25, 2010


IMG_7460 Seven Points COE Park is a beautiful park but I messed up and didn’t make reservations. We could only stay the one night. A word to the wise – if you’re going to the Nashville area – make reservations. I did not think they would be this busy at this time of year. Boy was I wrong.

IMG_7463We would definitely stay at this campground again but next time reservations will be made.


  1. That is really surprising. All of the COE parks we have gone to always have sites in the park that are first come first serve. Never had any problem staying as long as we wanted. Will keep this in mind though when we get to Tennessee!

  2. Hi..Hope you were able to enjoy Nashville. We loved it when we were there a couple years ago and had a great time.

  3. We echo your advice to make reservations!

    We just spent two weeks at a COE park east of Nashville, and made our reservations six months in advance! (We NEVER do that.) Tennessee schools have their fall breaks throughout this month.

    Safe travels

  4. We stayed at that campground last year and it was full then too - I think it was in early fall. It is a pretty place although a lot of the sites were too small for us. Some COE's in Tennessee are even nicer than that one.


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