Monday, May 24, 2010


There are several waterfalls along Historic Rte 30 and every one of them is spectacular.

The weather was cold and raining (nothing new for this part of our journey) and since Jim and I walk so slow we didn't spend near as much time as I would have liked to explore these waterfalls. But being such a wuss - I want sunshine next time.

Jeri was wonderful about stopping and letting us stay only as long as we wanted to. She is much more of a hiker than we are and I know she would have loved to spend more time hiking up to the top of some of the falls.

We stopped at three different falls. Latourell Falls which is 249 feet, Wahkeena at 242 feet and Multnomah which has an upper and lower section totaling 611 feet.

Pictures (at least the ones we take) don't do these magnificent falls justice. I wanted to post a video for you but it isn't working today. Stop by and see them for yourselves when you are up this way. Isn't this lifestyle wonderful - knowing that someday you will be in this area to enjoy these waterfalls in person?

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  1. Did you walk on the bridge overlooking the falls. That was awesome!!

    Cindy and Walker


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