Monday, May 31, 2010


Memorial Day was first celebrated to remember the Union soldiers who had died during the Civil War. After WWI it was expanded to honor dead Americans from all wars.
One of my most precious memories of my Dad is seeing him march in the Memorial Day Parade in Sidney, MT carrying an American Flag which represented a veteran from Sidney who had died. He did this every year until he was well into his 80's. Then he road in a wagon along with other WWII vets that had reached the point where they could not physically march any longer.
This year, someone will be carrying my Dad's flag for him in the parade.
I want to express my thanks to all of our servicemen and women and also to their families for all of the sacrifices that they have made on my behalf and for my freedom that I enjoy every day of my life.
Memorial Day is a time to go to the cemetery and visit with loved ones who have gone on with the rest of their lives before us. We are not anywhere near our families gravesites so Jeri invited me to go with them to visit her parent's graves.
They are buried in one of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever seen. It is more like being in a park, the grass is so green, the flowers are beautiful, there's a small lake with a fountain, and everything is pristine. Just beautiful. Thank you Jeri for sharing your Mom and Dad with me.
The picture I've posted is one of Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Each year on Memorial Day, volunteers place an American flag on every grave in the cemetery in remembrance. It is a wonderful experience to see these flags and also the Changing of the Guard.
We as Americans have a tendency to take our freedoms for granted. Please take this time to remember how and why we have these freedoms and express our appreciation to those who have made them possible.

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