Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I wasn't sure which route to take from Susanville, CA to Redding, CA so I asked Gypsy what she thought would be the best way. She writes a wonderful blog and I sure would love to meet her some day. She recommended that we take Rte 36 and I am so glad we did. What a beautiful drive.

There was a discussion on the Escapees Forum about using Rte 299 to get from Redding, CA to the Pacific Coast.

One person said that Rte 299 was a difficult road to drive and they would never do it again. Another person wrote in and said that they had taken the road with their fiver (54 feet) and would do it again.

That person advised taking your time, pulling over to take pictures, and enjoying the ride. We decided that is exactly what we would do. We did unhook the toad and I drove the car.

I guess growing up in the Rocky Mountains I expected a rugged mountain road. Not true. We could have left the toad hooked up and made it easily. There were no switchbacks - just a windy beautiful drive. We would definitely use that road again.

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