Friday, May 28, 2010


This little park is so cool, I want to share a few more moments with you.
This is a tugboat going upriver during the night.

Does anybody know what this is anymore?

We actually had sunlight one morning so Scooter could indulge in two of her most favorite activities: hunting among the rocks and laying on the warm path. She can't stand for Jim to be outside fishing without her. Skittlez is an indoor dog and could care less what the weather is outside.

When the clouds go away we have had the most perfect sunsets and gorgeous moonlight.

Isn't this just a perfect place to be? If only the rain would go away. We also had a seal visit us but that didn't make any of the fisherpeople happy because the seal was eating all the fish that they had hoped to catch.


  1. The seals are so much fun to watch.

  2. Shhhh! You aren't supposed to tell people about this. I told you it was a secret!

  3. Wow! A phone booth! Haven't seen one of those in years.


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